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Steven Zuparic Emerges Victorious in Monsterstack Madness Main Event

Poker action at King’s Casino in Rozvadov reached a culminating point this Sunday as the Monsterstack Madness Main Event saw its official Final Table. Once again the surviving players reunited in order to reach new heights in the culminating event and the most skillful one among them as it turned out as Steven Zuparic from Germany, who managed to claim the first-place prize of €12,285.

Being one of the most-anticipated poker festivals over the span of this month, the Monsterstack Madness one managed to deliver a premium experience to the participants willing to register and reserve a spot on one of the poker tables available. What makes it special and so attractive to players is its relatively small buy-in amounting to some €165 and the guaranteed prize pool amounting to some €100,000. Every player also commenced their quest towards the big cashes with as many as 100,000 chips, giving them the freedom to operate with them from the very start of the poker tournament.

After the final starting flight came to an end it became clear that the Main Event managed to attract as many as 546 players to the field willing to give their luck a try. In addition to this figure, there were also some 127 re-entries registered which further increased the overall prize pool paid at the end of the event. The top positions claimed a fair slice of it once the money bubble burst. It amounted to €95,000 falling slightly short than the initially announced amount of money, but nevertheless providing the most skillful players with a generous payout at the end of the day.

Generous Payouts for the Top Positions

Only the top 71 places on the official leader board of the Main Event received a cash payout, as the minimal one reached €364. The first player to leave with a cash prize was Tatjana Klärner from Germany who received a good reward for her performance and a deep run in the tournament.

The eventual winner of this tournament Zuparic entered the Main Event on Day 1c where he played convincingly well and claimed the sixth position on the unofficial leader board at the end of the starting flight. With his chip stack reaching 604,000 in chips he reserved a spot for himself on the official Final Day of action. His total live earnings generated over the span of his live poker career amount to $15,641 and up to this point he has not been very active when it comes to participation in live poker tournaments.

This is also his largest career prize which could boost his efforts and open him the opportunity to participate in other bigger poker events as well. The final table also saw a deal which made the final minutes even more riveting. The runner-up position at the end of this final table was reserved for Jitka Züglerová who is a local player from the Czech Republic.

He could not manage to outplay his rival in the heads-up duel and this resulted in his consolation prize of €13,247. The player who claimed the third position on the official leader board is a German player who was registered under the nickname Houdiniturn. His prize after the deal was estimated to €13,000, guaranteeing relatively equal payouts for the top three places.

 Author: Benjamin Barry

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