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Massachusetts Could Greenlight Sports Betting Sector in 2019

The state of Massachusetts has dedicated the year 2018 to many improvements in its gambling field as well as significant changes bringing diverse opportunities closer to the people. Following the greenlighting of Daily Fantasy Sports now the state has the chance to regulate the sports betting field as well after the official ruling of the United States Supreme Court.

Just like many states at the moment Massachusetts is also looking for ways in this it could pave the way for sports betting within its borders and to introduce it to the players in the region. Last week made this possible after the SCOTUS ruled that the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act which was issued back in 1992 is outdated and therefore no longer needed in order to regulate the sports wagering status quo across the states. Now is the right time for every state interested to work on their new framework designed for the future wagering sector and this is precisely what Massachusetts is doing.

It is not a secret to anyone that lawmakers in the state have been eyeing the possibility of legalization for quite some time now. What was came as a pleasant surprise for sports betting supporters, however, was how fast the issue was filed in the agenda for discussion and voting. The Legislature of the state is expected to give the issue a thorough look before its current session comes to its official end. Experts in the field, among which state Reps. Stephen Kulik of Worthington and Solomon Goldstein-Rose of Amherst also expressed their thoughts regarding the case.

Lawmakers Set to Commence Work on Field Regulations

They stated that sports betting is going to be placed on the table in the foreseeable future, but this turn of events might accelerate the entire process and bring sports wagering closer to the players. However, this is not to say that matters are being rushed in any way, on the contrary, since the authorities will do their best to provide the case with their dedicated efforts and a reliable framework.

It should aim to protect both the players and the businesses developing in the field, as well as make their operation easier. There are also the previously stated concerns regarding the future field since there is always the possibility of bringing minor complications to the field. Some of them are the potential effect that sports betting legalization could have on the already existing state lottery. There are also discussions regarding the economic benefits of it and how it could boost the state budget in the long run.

With only several weeks left until the end of the current session, however, all this work might be impossible to be finalized in a precise manner. Lawmakers would have to look into the subject and give it enough time to be debated. As for the next session of the Legislature, it is set to take place at the beginning of 2019 which is also when the final decision is supposed to be taken. The state of Massachusetts also has several top-tier teams to the likings of the Red Sox, the Patriots, the Bruins, and the Celtics and their presence is also expected to have an impact on the decisions made.

 Author: Harrison Young

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