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Italy’s Government Proposes New Potentially Damaging Gambling Bill

Italy seems to be well on its way to introduce new regulations to its gambling field on its pursuit to provide the players with better protection. It was recently announced that the government has proposed a new bill which is still in its draft state. The said bill could potentially harm the gambling sector by bringing many changes related to slot devices and potentially limiting repeated bets gambling activities.

The gambling industry in Italy provides players with a wide variety of gaming offerings and activities which are able to attract a wide audience of players. Betting and lotteries are also considered completely legal within the borders of the country. One of the record performances when it comes to cash inflow generated by casino activities in the past was reached in 2016. Back then over the span of the 12 months ending on 31st December, there was a cash inflow peak which reached €95 million demonstrating an excellent performance of the businesses operating.

Betting on sports and especially on football is very popular as well, but there are also the fans of slot machines and the traditional casino games widespread across the country. Now the new coalition Government might threaten their future operation with the proposed draft bill which aims to regulate the industry in a new and unexplored up to this point manner.

According to the information which became public, the new Government which commenced work in March has filed in a bill which could eliminate all kinds of gambling devices, to the likings of slot machines and video lottery terminals.

Details aroudn the Proposed Draft Bill

The coalition agreement between the Five Star Movement (M5S) and League parties brought the draft bill. In addition to this proposal, the bill also has a second art which is going to see the introduction of new limitations on repeated bets gambling offerings.

Experts in the field were quick to point out that this move has the potential to cripple the field and significantly reduce the revenue it is able to generate from gambling operation. The new policy framework could steer the industry in a different and unwanted direction since many gambling operators rely on their slot machines offerings. As it is specified in the proposed draft this kind of gaming devices will have to be installed and operating only at specified locations.

What should be taken into account is that bars and various distributors are not among them. Another new addition to the field according to this draft bill which could become a reality if it receives a nod is related to sensitive locations in any given city. Some of those are high schools as well as youth centers which witness a constant flow of young and easily impressionable people. Operators are already concerned by the information issued.

Gambling advertisement and various sponsorships are also going to be strictly prohibited by the new bill. It will demand that the gambling locations be built at a larger distance from those buildings in order to minimize the negative impact of gambling on the youth and reduce gambling addiction rates. Over the span of 2017, as many as 17 million people across the country participated in some sort of gambling activity which is a significant surge when compared to previous years of gambling operation.

 Author: Harrison Young

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