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Monsterstack Madness €100,000 GTD Main Event Generates 68 Entries over Day 1a

When it comes to poker tournaments and players willing to register for participation at a given event, the Main Event is usually the one that attracts most of the attention. This Thursday saw the official start of the next poker festival which goes by the name of Monsterstack Madness and the chip leader at the end of Day 1a was Albert Cosmin Stefanut from Romania who managed to amass some 740,000 in chips over the span of the first starting flight.

This poker tournament is going to bring players closer to the Main Event final day of action which comes with the guaranteed prize pool amounting to €100,000. Monsterstack Madness poker festival is set to provide its players with several intriguing tournaments and to continue over the span of the next four days. Sunday is expected to see the official final day of action and bring one lucky and skillful participant to the coveted first-place prize and the fame coming with it. Two hours before the official start of the first starting flight there was a satellite event.

Its main purpose is to bring more people to the player pool and to make for an interesting tournament. Each of those satellite events has a limit of 10 seats and the buy-in for them amounts to some €40. This first starting flight attracted as many as 50 players willing to put their skill to the test in this culminating event.

Over the span of the poker action, there were people eliminated and as many as 18 of them made a good use of their re-entry option. With this move, they not only increased the total prize pool which is going to guarantee them higher prizes but also increased the number of entries in this starting flight.

Main Event Poker Action Commences

At the end of the day, it reached some 68 entries and the following flights are expected to bring even more participants to the field. However, as it usually happens their number decreased with rapid pace and only as many as 16 of them will have the chance to meet once again this Sunday when the skillful winner will receive their first-place prize.

The players that progress ahead in the tournament are led by the chip leader from Romania who is the participant among them with the largest chance to reach the top position on the official leader board. The runner-up position on the unofficial rank list is currently taken by Erik Prochazka who is a local player having as many as 651,000 in chips at the end of the first starting flight.

Following him closely is a poker player who is a regular participant at events held at the King’s Casino, but always registering for participation under a nickname. This is chiKKita banAAna from Germany and this Day 1a brought him a chip stack amounting to 590,000. This Friday is scheduled to welcome Day 1b which is expected to bring even more players registering for action.

 Author: Benjamin Barry

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