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David Křístek Leads Poker Fever Main Event Action to Official Final Table

King’s Casino in Rozvadov is the arena of the highly anticipated Main Event of the Poker Fever Festival which is currently in progress and everyone interested in it is already deep in the tournament. This Monday is expected to bring the Final Day of action as well as the Final Table which has the potential to be one of the memorable ones over the span of this poker congregation.

Since the beginning of May, the poker room of King’s Casino is one of the hottest sports for poker action and tournaments with generous guaranteed prize pools. The Main Event is considered the culminating event in every poker festival and such is the case in this one as well. The long-anticipated Main Event commenced officially this Thursday and its impressive guaranteed prize pool amounting to some €200,000 is only one of the great features attracting players to the field. With this large guaranteed many players were tempted to make their way into the poker tournament and this is how the overall number of entries reached as many as 961.

All surviving players from the four flights will have the opportunity to meet once again at the official Day 2 which is scheduled for this Sunday and is going to bring the players closer to the coveted first-place prize. The fourth starting flight took place this Saturday and brought as many as 178 new individuals to the field. Due to an untimely elimination, some 94 of them decided to give re-entry a try and managed to make their way back into the game. Ondrej Mar who is a local player from the Czech Republic succeeded in amassing the largest chip stack at the end of Day 1d and to place a considerable distance between the first and the second place on the unofficial leader board.

Timeline of the Poker Tournament

He generated some 610,000 in chips and asserted his dominance over the field, whereas the runner-up position was claimed by Ruben Tack from Belgium who amassed some 401,000 in chips. Poker player registered under the nickname Lukas V. who is local appears to be present at almost every poker tournament taking place at King’s Casino.

During this fourth initial flight, he took the 7th place with his chip count of 280,000. This is how poker action led to the official redraw which made it clear who the chip leader among all survivors is. This was Mar with his 610,000 in chips followed closely by Jochen Lehmann from Germany and his chip stack amounting to 523,500 in chips. The chip leader at the end of Day 2 of poker action was David Křístek from Germany who had 6,025,000 in chips and is the current leader on the field.

The guaranteed prize pool is going to be divided among the 103 top positions on the official leader board, as the minimal prize which could be won is €513. The Final Day of action is going to welcome the surviving 13 players which will share the remaining lion’s share of the total prize pool generated, which after the calculations reached €190,000. The first place prize will grant the big winner some €35,986 adding it to their live poker winnings.

 Author: Benjamin Barry

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