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Asia Pioneer Entertainment Holdings Expects Improvement after Q1 Revenue Drop

The first quarter of this year could be defined as a test for the strength of the parent company of gaming devices distributor Asia Pioneer Entertainment. The Hong Kong-listed Asia Pioneer Entertainment Holdings Ltd. witnessed a net loss amounting to some HK$1.7 million (US$216,619) over the span of the first three months of 2018 which could supposedly be remedied in the foreseeable future.

The first three months of this year saw an unexpected turn of events for the entity which was caused by a significant plunge in the overall gross gaming revenue of Asia Pioneer Entertainment Holdings. The decrease in the electronic gaming equipment sales is what brought the current situation to the holding for the most part, but there was also the drop in revenue when it comes to its consulting division and repair service providing business. According to the revenue reports issued this week the company has witnessed a drop amounting to some 42.4 percent in comparison to the performance over the same time period of 2017. Back then, the net profit of the parent company managed to reach some HK$505,556.

The revenue rates over the first quarter dropped some 22.7 percent when compared to the same period back in 2017. In the meantime, the subdivisions also suffered considerable revenue drop. The Consulting and Technical Services business saw a 71.2-percent plunge over the span of the first three months, whereas the Repair Services division experienced a 47.6-percent drop. Even though the performance was not the best so far, there is still enough time for any negative impact to be reserved and the management of APEH is optimistic that the following months are going to witness a significant improvement when it comes to revenue and overall performance.

Looking Forward to a Birhgter Future

This week saw the first step towards potential brighter future and this was the collaboration between slot machine ticket printing company called TransAct Technologies Incorporated and the Macau-listed electronic gaming equipment distributor Asia Pioneer Entertainment.

After the signatures were placed, Asia Pioneer Entertainment is going to be the new non-exclusive supplier for the Asian region of chosen products offered by TransAct. They would be two types of ticket-in/ticket-out printers available for distribution in the gaming industry which go by the name of Epic Edge and Epic 950. In addition to the two types of printers, this deal also covers the distribution of the entire variety of gaming devise and kiosk printers which will be introduced to a wider global audience with the help of the gaming equipment distributor.

The second part of the deal is going to see Asia Pioneer Entertainment receiving the right to make authorized repairs of the devices provided. The venues of the supplier are going to become special centers for warranty repairs and work on the ticket printing machines. The expectations of this recently inked deal are to bring benefits to both businesses and improve their future operation.

 Author: Hannah Wallace

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