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Poker Fever Cup Day 1c Draws Enthusiasts Ready to Slice Up €100,000 GTD

Poker Fever Festival has the potential to make King’s Casino located in Rozvadov, the Czech Republic into one of the hottest spots in Europe at the moment when it comes to poker action. The reason for this is because this Tuesday witnessed the third starting flight of the Poker Fever Cup and as many as 94 players made their way to the poker tables and the seats available.

With this official Day 1c of the schedule of this poker tournament, the overall number of entries reached some 272 which is a considerable player count for only three starting flights having passed. From these 94 players willing to participate in the poker action and possibly make it all the way to the Final Day of the Poker Fever Cup and the throne, as many as 47 were eliminated sooner than expected and this called for a re-entry, which was still possible at that point. Over the span of five days, everyone curious to see what the premium tournament has on offer will have the chance to do so.

Day 1a of the Poker Fever Cup attracted some 53 players to the tournament, but only 7 of them are going to meet again at the next stage of action. The buy-in for this tournament reaches €110 while the guaranteed prize pool boasts some €100,000, giving everyone an incentive to play. Day 1b which took place this Monday added as many as 56 players to the entries in the tournament, whereas only 19 of them progress ahead. Familiar faces could be seen on Day 1c as well as on Day 1b and those are players that have succeeded in previous tournaments or at least made it deep in the given event.

Memorable Mentions and Current Chip Leader

One of them is Vasile Strugari from Romania, who claimed the 12th spot at the unofficial leader board of the second starting flight. In the Monday action, he claimed a chip stack of 54,000 giving him the chance to progress ahead towards the official Final Day of the poker event. As for Day 1c, the chip leader was Viacheslav Dokshin from the Russian Federation who managed to generate a considerable chip stack amounting to 375,500 and increase the distance between the first and the second place on the rank list.

This poker venue brings him good luck since most of his cashes have come from poker tournaments held at the King’s Casino. Dokshin’s last registered cash prize from a live poker event came in December 2017 when he played at the Forbes Pokerman Open and claimed the fourth place at the €70 No-Limit Hold’em Pokerman Sunday Closer and this brought him a cash prize of €719. Now he has the real chance to make it all the way to the top and claim the throne and the first-place prize coming with it.

The runner-up position in this third starting flight belongs to Konstantinos Kyriakakis from Greece who bagged some 316,000 at the end of the day. Germany player Nico Schwarz is the player who claimed the third spot on the leader board with his 308,500 in chips. This Wednesday will welcome the fourth starting flight coming with new participants willing to compete for the big cashes.

 Author: Benjamin Barry

Benjamin Barry‘s career is worth observing, since he is not only a competent writer, but he has also practical experience at poker tables.