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Atlantic City’s Ocean Resort Casino Readies for Launch on 28th June

Atlantic City is well on its way to heat up the situation this summer, as two long-anticipated new venues are going to welcome their first guests in a long time. According to the recently announced information the completely refurbished and renovated Ocean Resort Casino is set to give green light to its operation on 28th June and reserve a summer peppered with exciting events and offerings.

In the months since the beginning of its renovation quite many things have happened and all of them are aiming to provide the customers with the greatest experience. The driving force of this change is the fact that people used to have some concerns regarding the previous setting of the location and its operation in general. In order to improve the experience and make it as pleasant as possible, the developers of the new project, which will go by the name of Ocean Resort Casino, decided to conduct a research.

It involved the previous guests of the Revel, giving them the chance to give their feedback on the services they have received. There were some important points made and this helped with the improvement of the location which is expected to kick in at the beginning of this summer. One of the predominant points they made was the layout of the casino facility and how it should be considerably improved.

Another concern was the lack of a buffet at the casino floor, even though the Revel boasted celebrity restaurants with five-star reviews. The main argument was that a buffet could provide a more affordable food alternative to the premium restaurants, thus make the location more affordable and attract a wider variety of gambling players. Projecting a more family-friendly image was also in the agenda for the new casino resort.

Perparation for the Opening Date

Now that these issues have been supposedly resolved the casino resort is almost ready to launch operation in the East Coast gambling hub of Atlantic City. As it turns out the rivalry between the Ocean Resort and the other casino resort going through renovation Hard Rock Casino is real.

It could be recalled that at the beginning of this month it became clear that the latter is going to open on the 28th June as well, making for a double launch of the two eagerly anticipated locations. The official announcement was made this Monday by the new owner of Ocean Resort Casino, Bruce Deifik making the statement that this will be the beginning of a new era for the gambling hub. Since the new location has a lot on offer, there are also as many as 3,200 full-time positions which were ready to meet their new candidates and provide them with the opportunity for development.

The casino resort is seeking to employ new people or people who have formerly worked at the casino resort, in order to give a boost to the site and improve the customer experience. This sudden high demand for employees coming from both casino locations reaching as many as 6,500 people put the field in an unexpected situation, but just in time, the Ocean Resort Casino managed to attract the needed staff.

 Author: Harrison Young

Harrison Young is an experienced writer, who started his career almost 8 years ago. Prior to joining our team at CasinoGamesPro, he worked as an editor for a small magazine.