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South Africa Witnesses Sports Betting’s Ongoing Negative Impact on Players

South Africa has been exploring sports betting and the gambling opportunities it has on offer for many months now and this has proven to be the most popular gambling activity in the region. Players located in Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Uganda, Senegal, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Tanzania are utilizing mobile money transactions which in turn boost the development of the sports betting field as well.

It is not a secret to anyone that the two services are in a mutually beneficial relationship and the youth is more than happy to implement them in their everyday life. It could be recalled that things have not always been this way since the National Act of 2004 banned online gambling, assigning the watchdog task to the National Gambling Board. The gambling industry in the country is strictly monitored by the National Gambling Board and the main reasons for the excessive control are the concerns regarding any social ills and illegal practices such as money laundering.

People living in those countries have slowly but surely become one of the most eager participants in sports betting and they put their knowledge of European soccer leagues to the test on a daily basis. Ever since 2014 the field has been in a constant state of evolving and improving as the authorities overlooking it are trying to introduce adequate regulations which to protect the players and the businesses. The year 2018 is expected to elevate the gambling field magnitude in Kenya, South Africa, and Nigeria combined to some $37 billion.

Need for Players Protection

According to a recently published report regarding the gaming industry in South Africa, an 11.2-percent increase in the revenue is expected until 2020. One of the leading reasons why people participate in the said gambling activities is that they offer an easy and relatively fast way to generate some money on a day to day basis as the income rates are not the most sufficient for the young people.

According to the data provided by operators in the field, the players participating are below the 35-year-old mark. Their passion for sports betting also results in benefits for the government and the community as a consequence, as the taxes on gambling are able to provide the needed aid. But in the meantime, financial inclusion is something to be taken into account as well.

Even though banks are not that popular in the region and many people do not have access to them, sports betting has provided them with the mobile money services offering which has its positive and negative sides. People with low income have the even easier access to betting and this puts spending a large amount of their savings only a click away.

Sports betting, perceived as a less harmful form of gambling is becoming more and more popular across the continent of Africa and betting has become very cheap which means it is no longer reserved only for the rich part of the population. The authorities overseeing the field have the responsibility to fortify the problem gambling measures and to have their players’ best interest at heart.

 Author: Hannah Wallace

Hannah Wallace has been part of our team since the website was launched. She has a master’s degree in IT.