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US Sports Leagues State Their Position Regarding Sports Betting Legalization

Over the span of the last several months, more and more people have been looking forward with anticipation to the ruling of the United States Supreme Court which might give green light to sports betting across the states. The four sports leagues which dominate the field are most certainly going to make their stance known as they wish to maintain the field fair for all parties involved, both for the participants in the sports betting and for the players who should have the word as well.

It could be recalled that back in 2006 the Women’s National Basketball Association, the National Basketball Association, the National Hockey League, the National Football League, NASCAR, and PGA Tour opted for a joint statement and a lawsuit which claimed that the intellectual property rights of a given entity should retain their integrity. Nowadays the position of the various sports leagues remains more or less the same, as the claimed that sports players should also have the right to state their mind and position when it comes to sports betting.

The NFL, NBA, Major League Baseball, and the NHL recently issued a statement which claimed that betting on sports events and the outcome of a given match come at a certain cost for the players and the teams. This is the reason why the authorities overseeing the field should make sure they work on an adequate framework which aims to protect the rights of both the players and the games.

They even went so far as to reference the First Amendment which in theory should provide some protection of the intellectual property, but there is still the general exploitation of the industry.

Eager Anticipation of the Ruling

In the meantime, the potential date when the US Supreme Court is going to rule on the case of New Jersey is approaching. Ever since it became clear that the United States Supreme Court is planning to rule and potentially strike down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) which dates back to 1992, the state authorities across the US have been considering ways in which they could come up with the proper regulation.

If the said act is removed from the picture this could ensure that each state has the right to legalize sports betting and the proper regulation of the field should be devised. The beginning of April saw one of the potential dates on which there could have been a ruling, but nothing happened. The next potential date was 17th April, however once again there was no development witnessed.

As it is known, the last days of June would also be the last chance for the US Supreme Court to come up with an official decision regarding the federal statute. Casinos and operators have already begun preparation for the eventual greenlighting with their sportsbooks read for operation.

As many as 18 states are actively working towards legalizing sports wagering so that they could be prepared for the moment when the PASPA will be overturned or modified in a way which permits sports betting. The leagues and the player unions are also making sure they guarantee their fair spot at the regulations discussions.

 Author: Hannah Wallace

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