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Rozvadov’s Monsterstack Madness Special Edition Main Event Grants German Player Some €36,385

The King’s Casino located in Rozvadov is once again providing poker enthusiasts from around the world with the opportunity to give their luck a try and lay their hands on one of the large prizes coming with the top positions on the leader board. The Monsterstack Madness Special Edition had its Main Event final table this Sunday. It brought the big first-place prize to a Germany player with the nickname Hans who received some €36,385 for his performance in the culminating event.

The Main Event of this poker festival stretched over the span of an entire week which gave all participants enough time to make their way in. They had the chance to do so with the help of one of the five starting flights which attracted a total of 658 participants to the poker tables. Each and every one of them had to pay as much as €199 as a buy-in for participation thus reserving a seat among some of the most accomplished poker players ready for the win. The guaranteed prize pool announced prior to the start of the poker action amounted to some €200,000, which is what drew most of the players.

Even though each of the participants had some 100,000 in chips at the very start of the poker tournament, there were still as many as 16 of the players who opted for a re-entry in the Main Event while they still had the chance to do so. After the long poker action during the redraw day when all survivors among them met once again. Only as many as 179 made it and progressed ahead to the Final Day of action which took place on the 22nd. This is when the most heated poker action took place as each of the players was ready to reach the money bubble and make it to the cash prizes.

Poker Action through the Days

They were reserved for the top 87 positions on the official leader board only and this is how a total of €190,000 was paid to the best players surviving to the last day of this culminating event. The first one to be eliminated from the action and receive a consolation cash prize was Gunter Riedl from Austria who received the minimal cash prize of €589.

This was the moment when poker action on the felt became even more riveting, since every player. One of the accomplished players from Day 1d Marek Šulc who is a local player from the Czech Republic made it to the top positions, as he claimed the 7th place and this brought him some €5,719 for his deep run in the tournament.

Bulgarian poker player Zhivko Todorov made it to the fourth place claiming a total of €12,540 for his performance. The runner-up position was taken by Jerome Abitbol who is a player from France. He could not manage to outplay the winner during the heads-up duel and this guaranteed him the consolation prize of €22,648.

 Author: Benjamin Barry

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