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Pamunkey Indian Tribe Makes a Future Casino Resort Move in Virginia

The state of Virginia is in for a treat as it was recently announced that the Pamunkey Indian Tribe has made a move regarding its land purchase plans and has acquired 610 acres of land in New Kent County. According to the previously stated plans of the tribe, the property is going to welcome the new casino resort which will be operated by the Native American tribe.

This Sunday brought the news that was anticipated by many people in the gaming field of Virginia and that has the potential to bring casino gambling to the region. It should be taken into account that at the moment the state has given green light to specific gambling activities only. Horse racing and off-track betting at licensed facilities are considered legal within the borders of the state and they are practiced by many people in Virginia. However, for the time being, casino facilities and greyhound racing are subjected to strict prohibition and considered illegal.

There is a possibility that this could change in the foreseeable future, as the Native American tribe is working towards giving a start to its gambling venue project within a casino resort. The planned resorts and casino could be built on the ground purchased, but in the meantime, the tribe is also eyeing other opportunities for development within the state. The eastern and central parts of Virginia are among the top picks for the Pamunkey Indian Tribe which is striving to give green light to a new project in the near future. With the help of its federal recognition, the tribe is hoping that it could make them a reality.

Contemplation of the Project

The Bureau of Indian Affairs is the institution which gave the status to the tribe, but they are also quite different from other tribes. While other tribes receive the recognition but not the right to operate tribal gambling venues, the Pamunkey Indians have the permission to do so and they are well on their way to making their plans reality.

Even since this happened towards the end of March, both the tribe and the community have been looking for ways in which they can make it happen. According to the initial plans which were announced, the proposed location will welcome its guests with a hotel, a spa complex, as well as a well-equipped gambling venue, read to commence casino activities. The whole project is estimated to cost some $700 million to its developers. Alongside this announcement came the estimations of the potential benefits of the said construction and how it could benefit the local economy and employment rates.

As many as 4,000 people will have the chance to receive a full-time employment at the new location whereas the benefit for the state could reach as much as $1 billion if the project commences operation. The purchased land is located in the vicinity of the Bottoms Bridge-Quinton exit from Interstate 64. Many people supported the proposed project as a breath of fresh air for the region.

There is also the opposition of the idea, in the face of MGM Resorts among other businesses which are expected to provide an even more fierce fight against the project as it interferes with the status quo in the region.

 Author: Harrison Young

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