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MGM Resorts Readies Its 13 Las Vegas Locations for Solar Array Power

Las Vegas is known as the gambling capital of the United States and also as a place where the action never stops and neon lights are shining brightly at all times. Around the clock, there are big signs and billboards illuminating their proximity, but MGM Resorts is ready to introduce a more environment-friendly solution to its properties in operation, which will involve a 100-MW of solar array.

There are some 13 properties overseen by MGM Resorts and they provide their customers and guests with a constant source of entertainment. Alongside with the bright offerings and the need for constant energy usage, there comes also the harmful impact on nature and the constant use of electric power. The limited sources of the planet are respected by MGM Resorts and this is what made possible the new project.

MGM’s footprint is expected to change in the foreseeable future, as the casino operator has opted for an innovative solution which is going to benefit both the operation of the properties and the environment as a whole. According to the information issued this Thursday, MGM Resorts has been working towards optimizing all of its 13 operational properties located in Las Vegas and connect them to its new solar provoltaic array which is going to power them.

Thanks to the partnership which has been formed between the casino developer and the Chicago-based Invenergy the project is going to be fully realized by the end of 2020. The independent renewable energy company has been looking forward to this partnership which is expected to prompt other casino operators to optimize their operation as well. Along the lines of the collaboration of the two companies, the 13 properties will receive the power of a total of 100 megawatts of clean, renewable energy generated by the solar array.

Renewable Energy Prospects

This would mean that a considerable part of the Las Vegas Strip will now receive its electric power from renewable sources, such as the solar light and this is something to be taken into account as it is a step in the right direction. Concerns regarding environment protection and utilizing nature’s way of providing power could potentially impact other casino operators and change their ways of operation.

The new solar array is going to b able to provide as much as 90 percent of the overall daytime demand for power which is considered a substantial improvement in the eco-friendliness of the 13 properties located on the central boulevard of Las Vegas. The new solar array is going to be located some 25 miles north of Las Vegas according to the project and the entire amount of power produced by it is going to be utilized by the casino operator and its properties in operation.

As many as 336,000 solar panels will be in operation over the span of 640 acres of land and with their help, renewable energy will be introduced to the casino resorts of the company. There will also be as many as 350 workers employed on the site of the future project, giving locals more employment opportunities.

 Author: Harrison Young

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