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Sands China Progresses Work on The Londoner Prior to Casino Re-Licensing in 2020

The gambling field in Macau has a wide variety of options on offer and many diverse options for gambling. Sands China is one of the progressive casino operators which is now working on its new project called The Londoner, but in the meantime, the developer is expressing its hopes that the expected renewal of casino licenses in Macau in 2020 and 2022 would not render the project without a future.

It could be recalled that Sands China has invested as much as US$1.1 billion in the complete renovation, expansion, and rebranding of its Sands Cotai Central. The sole purpose of this process is to make the location much more appealing to the gambling enthusiasts and the tourists making their way to Macau which has on offer other international casino venues with signature themes, to the likings of The Parisian and The Venetian. They provide their guests with a signature experience which takes them on a journey far away and ultimately makes their stay memorable.

Back in October, the official announcement of the renovation plans was made and the industry welcomed it with anticipation, as many people were interested to witness the innovative casino facility. The Londoner Macau is expected to be finished and open for customers by 2020 which coincides with the time when some of the casino developers will have their casino licenses expired. It is not a secret to anyone that this is one of the weaker performing properties of the casino operator and this has been confirmed by experts in the field.

Future Prospects of the Casino Location

According to the revenue reports and the that one of the reasons why this is its fate at the moment is that it tends to have no character and distinctive features, which is why it is not as appealing to the tourists in the area. In comparison to some of the others constructions of Sands, such as the gondola-filled Venetian or the Parisian property, featuring a replica of the Eiffel Tower, it comes short.

In its strive to boost the performance of the integrated resort and make it one of the hotspots in the gambling hub, Sands China is willing to completely change the vibe of the place. The President of the casino operator, Wilfred Wong revealed some details around the new project which is expected to welcome its first guests two years from now. According to the information he issued, the beginning of this year saw the official start of the designing of the new and improved location, including the hotel part, the casino venue, and the general public space image.

He stated that there are plans which are going to see the transformation of the gambling facility into a James Bond-themed venue which could bring even more people. Since there is no more land to build on and the casino operator succeeded in filling the allocated by the government property, the only logical solution was to upgrade the facility and potentially make it more appealing to the public. The only factor casting a shadow over the process is the possibility that the casino operator could not have the chance to renew its casino license.

 Author: Harrison Young

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