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eSports Pioneer Unikrn Integrates iGaming Platform ChallengeMe.GG in Its Structure

The world of eSports is a vast space which has a lot on offer on any given day, but especially after a successful deal between two companies willing to work towards improving the field. The eSports betting company Unikrn is one of the progressive players on the field and according to the recent information, the company decided to welcome the eSports competition platform ChallengeMe.GG to its structure.

With the help of this purchase deal, Unikrn is striving to diversify its offerings and provide a wider spectrum of gaming possibilities to its users. The platform dedicated to competitive iGaming featuring some of the best players in the field has on offer CS:GO which is a preferred gaming option for tournaments in the eSports world. The industry of competitive video gaming has been developing throughout the years and there has been a lot of progress made when it comes to major live tournaments which put gaming teams against each other in a video gaming battle.

The Seattle-based eSports wagering operator Unikrn is dedicating its efforts to developing the betting side of the field. It could be recalled that over the span of the last several months the two entities have been working in collaboration. Back in October 2017, Unikrn managed to give green light to the first-ever community CS:GO competitive iGaming event which was utilized by ChallengeMe.GG. There was also the added bonus of cryptocurrency being introduced as the prize pool. Unikrn offered its own virtual currency called UnikoinGold.

New Offerings Expected

The month of September saw the announcement of the coin sale and for less than a month, it raised more than $30 million. This was one of the most successful Initial Coin Offerings as well as the most funded one in the overall eSports field. Back then it was confirmed that the virtual currency is going to be utilized on the platform of Unikrn, as well as on other platforms partnering with the betting company.

The ultimate goal of this acquisition is to elevate the skill-based betting which is currently practiced in the industry to a whole another level. It should be noted that ChallengeMe.GG will have the chance to continue its operation, as its model of operation is considered a popular and successful one. As a result of the acquisition, the platform will be integrated into the system of the betting operator It will utilize the tokens well-known by the players using Unikrn.

The cryptocurrency also comes with the special Unikrn Wallet which makes all on-platform transactions easier. The month of May is expected to see the official start of the events which are going to feature a certain buy-in. There will also be a widening the range of gaming offerings which will feature Dota 2, PUBG, Rocket League, and more of the popular competitive gaming titles. The added factor of cryptocurrency is expected to enhance the experience of the new collaboration and make it more appealing to players from around the world.

 Author: Hannah Wallace

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