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Wynn Resorts Boston’s Land Previous Owners Allegedly Linked to the Mob

The future project of Wynn Resorts which is currently under construction on the banks of the Mystic River in Everett, Massachusetts might have more issues associated with it, as it was recently discovered. According to the information publicly revealed this Wednesday, the future integrated resort with currently is referred to as Wynn Boston Harbor is being built on a parcel of land which was previously owned by two convicted felons, among others.

The Wynn brand has been on the receiving end of quite the attention in the past two months as more and more people find out about the sexual misconduct allegations which were associated with its former Chief Executive Officer Steve Wynn and some of his company employees. This led to a rapid development of events which placed the company in the middle of a publicity whirlpool with a negative impact on its overall image in the casino field. Now its future project which is still being constructed might bring more to the already complicated situation.

Being associated in any way with criminals is not something a gambling operator would be content with being in this day and age. What is of utmost importance for all casino developers is that the community trusts them and feels comfortable with relying on their services and fair nature of operation. The previous owners which had the rights to the land where now Wynn Resorts’ $2.5 billion Boston location is being built allegedly were related to the mob. It could be recalled that the said location was purchased by the casino developer five years ago.

Details Regarding the Purchase Deal

Back then when the purchase deal was finalized the Massachusetts gaming regulator did not see an issue with the location and its previous owners’ connections. At the time the information had not been publicly issued, but later the revelation about organized crime ties was unearthed and this shed a new light on the purchase deal.

According to a court testimony given by two witnesses of the process, Wynn Resorts representatives were aware before the finalizing of the deal that one of the sellers have previously been associated with criminal activities in the past. Shortly after this testimony was issued Wynn opted for denying all accusations that the executives of the casino developers have had any idea of the said criminal ties and there should be no reason for taking the said testimony into account.

According to them, if there was the notion of any former illegal activities associated with the previous owners of the land, they would have been taken into account and affected the deal process, but since there was no such information the purchase of the construction land took place.

There are also the allegations that Wynn Resorts had a favorable position while bidding for a gambling license in the state, as the process was manipulated in a way which could guarantee Wynn’s license acquisition. However, the future project has been loaded with the expectation of the local casino field, as it could attract more players to the area and boost the economy.

 Author: Harrison Young

Harrison Young is an experienced writer, who started his career almost 8 years ago. Prior to joining our team at CasinoGamesPro, he worked as an editor for a small magazine.