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eSports League of Legends Master Series Spring Final to Take Place in Macau

The industry of competitive video gaming has been developing throughout the years and there has been a lot of progress made when it comes to major live tournaments which put gaming teams against each other in a video gaming battle. This month is going to witness two of the highly-anticipated meetings which are going to take place in the world’s gambling capital Macau and in Taipei.

What is appealing to the people participating in the vast world of online games and eSports is the interaction they get to have once they set foot in it. People from all around the world have the chance to work as a team and unite in order to reach the ultimate final point and realize the objective of the game. They have to come up with strategies in order to defeat the enemy’s team and prove that they are worthy of the winner’s status. They also meet like-minded people who just like them are striving to find their place in this colorful world and this is their way of expressing their true nature in the most effective way.

According to estimations regarding the interest towards eSports, there are about 27 million users which enter the League of Legends world every single day. This is a golden opportunity for advertisers to promote their products in a subtle and not-that-subtle way to an enormous number of people located around the world. The gambling industry is also benefiting, as everyone interested could place their bets on the winning team or the eventual result at a given tournament.

League of Legends eSports Tournaments So Far

Due to the large interest towards this particular game, this year players gathered for the fourth season of fully professional League of Legends league from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao. Beginning in January with the first week of matches, the teams had a total of 10 weeks of competitive gaming action.

The four teams which performed best among them received the chance to continue to playoffs which are expected to provide even more exciting action. They are Flash Wolves, G-Rex, Machi E-Sports, and MAD Team and they will compete in a single-elimination bracket which is going to grant the best among them with cash prizes and Championship Points. Now on 14th April, the teams will meet again for the semi-finals which will take place in Taipei.

The said payoffs will include in their structure best-of-five match which means that the winners will progress ahead towards the Master Series Spring Finals. For the first year up to this point, the major event will take place in Macau at Melco Resorts and Entertainment’s Studio City on 22nd April.

According to the estimations it is going to draw the attention of many enthusiasts willing to see it live. The venue which will host the tournament has the capacity to welcome as many as 5,000 people, whereas the LMS Spring Playoffs will be able to see as many as 3,000 people present in the location.

 Author: Hannah Wallace

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