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Cambodia’s Siem Reap Enters Foreign Trade Partnership with Gambling Hub Macau

Cambodia is a country which is taking its gambling field seriously and putting a lot of effort into developing it. With the help of attracting new players and visitors to its gambling facilities, the country is striving to boost the local economy. In a recent statement, it was confirmed that the ancient province of Siem Reap and the world’s largest gambling hub Macau have reached an arrangement which is going to boost the tourism rates between the two locations.

The so-called status of sister city relationship established between two towns or cities located in different countries is not a new notion in the international political scene, as such partnerships have been established way back in the days after the Second World War. It is a legal or social agreement between two towns, counties, prefectures, regions, states, or entire countries which promotes the cultural and commercial ties between the two entities. With the help of this establishment of partnership, both parties involved in the process are guaranteed they will benefit from the collaboration.

With the help of the most recent memorandum of understanding the sister city relationship between Macau Special Administrative Region and Siem Reap in Cambodia flow of tourists, investment, and trade is expected to be introduced to the Cambodian province in order to boost its development. As an added factor of the tourists coming to the area, the gambling industry in Cambodia is also expected to see significant improvement and revenue increase.

Potential Gambling Industry Development in Cambodia

Khim Bunsong is the Governor of Siem Reap whereas Chui Si On if the Chief Executive of Macau Special Administrative Region and the two of them met this week to put the final touches on the new agreement. It was specified that gambling would not be introduced to the ancient province, as it is considered a world heritage place and should remain such without the gambling factor.

However, tourists which come from Macau could exercise their right to give their luck a try in one of the foreigner-only gambling venues in Cambodia’s capital Phnom Penh, as well as the facilities located near the border with Thailand, in the town of Poipet, as well as in the seaport of Sihanoukville and near the border with Vietnam.

Chinese tourists coming from East will be highly appreciated by the local tourism industry, but there is also the potential of trade partners and foreign investment which come with the arrangement. As a result of previous sister city arrangements with 23 provinces and cities in China, Siem Reap has witnessed the advancement of its tourism field.

As it is known, this year is going to see general elections in Cambodia and this is going to pave the way for the new legislation to be passed. For the last three years, the authorities have been considering this move and the legislation is finally going to have its chance to be approved following the elections in 2018 and help with international casino investment in the country.

 Author: Harrison Young

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