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Pennsylvania’s Online Gambling Field to Welcome Remote Gaming Servers

The state of Pennsylvania is currently working on its future online gambling field and making sure its offerings are going to meet the high expectations of players from across the state. The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board is going to take into consideration the online gambling experience of neighboring state New Jersey and implement some of its practices in its future iGaming field.

The authority which oversees the field in the state is putting a lot of effort into the improvement of the future iGaming scene, by thinking through all possible scenarios for development and potential questions which might come up. Several important preliminary regulations received a green light to progress ahead and regulate the online casino and poker. Even though they are both temporary regulations, they are related to sectors to the likings of interactive gaming testing and controls, as well as interactive gaming platform requirements.

They are going to guarantee that all participants in the activities have their rights protected, which includes gaming equipment security, game fairness guarantee, advertising and promotion of a wide variety of products, tournaments fair play, which is crucial, as well as Live Dealer games available for participation. However, it should be taken into account that the said regulations will become officially recognized only after they have been listed in the Pennsylvania Bulletin where they could be found in the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board Rules and Regulations section.

In order to provide its users with an utmost level of protection while they take part in future online gambling activities, the PGCB is striving to foresee all potential scenarios and offer a protection accordingly. A useful experience which is also utilized in the process of regulating the future iGaming field is that accumulated throughout the years by New Jersey, which has a thriving online gambling field. Ever since its legalizing back in 2013 this field has been seeing strong revenue growth and large figures, as well as popularity among players from across the state and beyond.

Future Regulations Overseeing the Field

This strive to adopt many of the successful practices which are in effect in the gambling hub on the East Coast is clearly visible by the wording of the new temporary regulations. Some of the sections are taken directly from the online gambling regulations which are overseeing the field in New Jersey. What is different, however, is the fact that businesses will have the permission to have their equipment anywhere in the US, as long as they are approved by the PGCB, which is entirely different from the rules in Nevada and New Jersey.

This provides the opportunity for future iGaming partnership with New Jersey operators. Among the things which online gaming providers will be subject to before receiving the permission to go live with their offerings will be a testing process of their random number generators, in addition to the easily accessible game rules which should be provided.

Online poker tournaments will also see specific regulations, but there is no additional information provided regarding any partnership with other US states for the moment. Live Dealers will also be present in the iGaming field, due to their wide popularity in New Jersey’s online gambling field, as they are present in the offerings of the Golden Nugget and Betfair casinos.

 Author: Harrison Young

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