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WSOP Circuit Event #9A: $1,675 Main Event Progresses to Day 3 and Final Table

The Main Event of the World Series of Poker Circuit saw quite the progress over the weekend, bringing many players closer to their dream of winning big at a renown poker festival. Day 1C took place this Saturday while Day 2 was scheduled for Sunday and this resulted in a weekend full of poker action and great accomplishments for poker players from around the world meeting in Tulsa to give their luck a try.

The third initial flight of the culminating event for this festival was scheduled for Saturday and this provided many new participants with the chance to enter the run towards the big cashes. The best among them were fighting for the opportunity to return on Day 2 of the Main Event and to put their skills on the felt to the test among fellow poker players. Only 21 players managed to survive this third starting flight and they added to the players surviving from Days 1A and 1B. The chip leader among them was Chad Smith from Dallas, Texas who managed to lay his hands on a total of 305,000 in chips.

However, this did not mean that he had the largest stack in the tournament so far, as the most accomplished player in the entire starting flight area was Daniel Jones from Kingwood, Texas, who had a chip stack amounting to 390,000. Day 1C saw the elimination of many players, as there were some 59 at the beginning, but towards the end, the players remaining were only 21. All of them progressed ahead towards Day 2 of the poker tournament.

Weekend Poker Action

As for the official second day of poker action, a total of 54 players returned for the second day, but following a rapid fire of poker moves, only as many as ten survived to see Day 3 of the Main Event. The chip leader from Day 1C Chad Smith managed to reach the runner-up position on the unofficial leader board, and with his 1,950,000 in chips, he demonstrates his serious interest towards the throne and the cash that comes with it.

The chip leader at the end of this Sunday’s poker action was Charles Adkins from Amarillo, Texas, a player who has a pocket full of 2,500,000 in chips, double the amount that most of the remaining players have.

Adkins has a total of $289,266 in total live earnings which have been amassed in the last decade of participation in poker tournaments in the US. As he is a frequent participant in the WSOP events, this has brought him numerous winnings throughout the years, the biggest one in 2017.

He played at the Choctaw, Durant stop of the WSOP Circuit and Event #2 was his lucky one. Adkins claimed the throne and a ring at the $365 No-Limit Hold’em and this brought him a sweet payday of $237,622. Day 3 of the Mine Event will see development among the top 10 players who made it this far.

 Author: Benjamin Barry

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