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Future Affiliate Union to Guarantee Affiliates Rights Protection against Unfair Casino Actions

In the world of online gambling where the limitations of the real world do not exist, gambling operators have the freedom to spread their influence with the help of their affiliate programs and the benefits they have on offer. Throughout the years of implementing this way of promotion, operators in the gambling industry have proved that this is one of the most effective ways in which they are able to spread the word of online gambling sites and the options they are able to provide.

However, as in any given field, there are sometimes situations in which all parties are not content with the results achieved, or the way the partnership has been developing, some even might define it as survival of the fittest in this field, which can turn affiliates and online casinos against each other. The affiliates often fall prey to the predatory practices of gambling operators they are partnering with and behind this are the sometimes unjust affiliate programs which do not have the affiliate’s best interest at heart.

The Prospect of an Affiliate Union

With the introduction of rather unexpected changes and disregarding their affiliates’ rights, online casinos often tend to harm their partners and inflict damages on their operation and revenue. There is also the influence of new regulations which are constantly molding the industry, ultimately trying to improve it.

As it is known, the affiliate program sector of the gambling industry is not in any way regulated and there is no regulator which could potentially protect the rights of those affiliates. These and many more examples of the unfair operation and little-to-no protection of the affiliates’ rights have prompted a proposal for the creation of a specific Affiliate Union which is going to be an unofficial organization of a small number of affiliates, which will aim to find solutions to any issues related to gambling operators which might occur.

When it comes to potential lawsuits against gambling operators and their affiliate programs, this union would also provide financial support if such is necessary, by crowdfunding on a member level. The team of CasinoGamesPro agrees that in a sector which encourages thriving and provides a good environment to do so, every iGaming business will be content to manage its operation and further improve its offerings. The Affiliate Guards Dog is a website which always aims to make a change and to introduce something new to the field, which is why its forum is one of the most active when it comes to the issues of affiliates.

This was where the idea for the establishment of Affiliate Union was recently introduced to the public by the user ThePOGG, who is connected to the website which goes by the same name. In their post, the user describes how this new union will be able to make a positive change in the overall affiliate field by introducing a close-knitted relationship among the affiliates where communication is a must.

The concept of this union is to attract from 50 to 100 affiliates which operate in the sector since, as it was specified by the forum member, too many participants in the venture would not bring any good to the project. Everyone interested in participating in the said union of affiliates is also more than welcome to offer their two cents and provide proper feedback which could constructively help the future union.

Affiliate Rights Protected

The main drive of this idea comes from the fact that affiliates are often unable to protect their rights in a legal way when they have been harmed by a sudden change of the affiliate program’s terms, as their financial situation does not allow it. This is the reason why a union which includes a relatively small number of affiliates might be able to tackle the problem in a more efficient way and to provide support for each other. What was proposed as a solution to a long-standing issue was to introduce a voting system among the members and the perspective of crowdfunding when such is needed.

When presented with a problematic situation between an affiliate and a casino operator which needs discussion, the union would prepare an overview of the key facts of the case, as well as the much-needed guidance regarding the jurisdictions in which legal action could be pursued. Each and every member of the union will then have the right to express their opinion and vote on the issue in question. What is crucial for the voting process to be considered concluded is that a majority of 55% of the membership would have to be in favor of it.

The ultimate goal of this new union is to solidify the position of affiliates in the field and to make them less of a vulnerable target for illegal and unfair practices, which often take place in the iGaming field. With this first step towards providing a reliable support system for fellow affiliates, the Affiliate Union might prove to be a helpful tool for achieving a brighter iGaming future. Everyone interested in taking part in the project which was announced earlier this month is free to contact ThePOGG and express their desire to make a change.

As for the proposed deadline for sending emails, affiliates have until the end of March to make their participation clear and if there are more than 50 of them, all interested parties will be contacted for the next step of the project which will see the union taking shape. Anything less than that number would be considered insufficient for the responsible task of creating an affiliate support system. Up to this point, many people have shared their thoughts below the original post of ThePOGG and the conversation has been ongoing since then.

 Author: Harrison Young

Harrison Young is an experienced writer, who started his career almost 8 years ago. Prior to joining our team at CasinoGamesPro, he worked as an editor for a small magazine.