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Minnesota Prompts Local Problem Gamblers to Seek Help

March is an important month for the casino industry in the United States as it is dedicated to problem gambling awareness as well as to helping those who struggle with the averse effects of problem gambling in their everyday lives. The Department of Human Services (DHS) in the state of Minnesota has also taken the opportunity to address the issue of gambling addiction and encourages all residents of the state who suffer from compulsive gambling to take advantage of its resources and seek help.

Minnesota’s Department of Human Services has launched the “Just Ask MN” campaign in an attempt to build awareness among the younger members of the local community about the risks related to gambling. As the theme of this year’s problem gambling awareness month is “Have the Conversation”, pathological gamblers residing in the Gopher State are prompted to speak up about their struggles with addiction in an attempt to bring light to this often overlooked issue.

Younger People are at Higher Risk to Develop a Pathological Problem

Statistics indicate the younger demographic of the US population is particularly vulnerable to developing a gambling problem. It is estimated that almost 6% of the college students are already experiencing the averse effects of gambling in their lives and have developed a serious pathological problem.

The “Just Ask MN” campaign aims at spreading awareness via social media in order to reach this younger demographic and provide them with an access to various educational resources regarding different types of gambling activities. Another objective of the campaign is to provide young people with comprehensive information on the consequences of compulsive gambling behavior. The campaign also teaches the younger generation how to recognize the symptoms associated with a gambling disorder in order to seek help.

Another campaign hosted by the state’s Department of Human Services is called “No Judgement”. This is an ongoing campaign whose purpose is to provide exhaustive education on pathological gambling, with a special emphasis on intervention.

Minnesotans who struggle with gambling addiction are encouraged to visit the campaign’s website which offers information and assistance for compulsive gamblers and their families. A toll-free telephone line is also available for those who want to receive counselling and help with overcoming their gambling addiction.

Gambling is not only a legal but also a commonly spread activity in the Gopher State. According to studies conducted by the non-profit organization the Northstar Problem Gambling Alliance, as much as 75% of Minnesotans have participated in gambling activities in one form or another in the year 2016. Former members of the military and especially those who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are a particularly vulnerable segment of the state’s population.

While Minnesota’s Department of Human Services is encouraging pathological gamblers to speak up about their problem and seek help, one state legislator, Mr. Pat Garofalo of the Republican Party, has spoken in favor of legalizing sports betting within Minnesota’s borders. According to Mr. Garofalo, the residents of the state would spend $2 billion on sports betting within the first year of legalization. So far any other attempts of Minnesota’s lawmakers to introduce regulations on some types of gambling activities like Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) have hit a snag.

 Author: Harrison Young

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