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Pennsylvania to Greenlight Online Gaming Licenses Application Period in April

Pennsylvania is making sure its gambling industry is developing at a steady pace and the online gaming sector is part of the progress ahead as well. It was announced this week that the state is planning to make the month of April the official start of online gaming licenses applications. The period will last for 90 days throughout which entities will have the chance to obtain an iGaming license from the gambling authorities.

It could be recalled that some five months ago Gov. Tom Wolf gave green light to the legalization of online gambling within the borders of the state and this is what propelled forwards the development of the industry. This week the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board announced that the official license period is going to commence this April and all entities interested in developing in the field will have the chance to do so.

PGCB Executive Director Kevin O’Toole stated that sometime around the middle of April the state will see its first 90-day period of application. It will continue well into mid-July, thus providing all entities with the opportunity to make up their mind and apply for the said online gaming licensing. The casino developers who opt for the online gaming license in this first 90-day application window will have the chance to use a special discount offer which will make the cost of online casino and poker licenses lower than it would be otherwise.

Special Discount Offers for the First Participatns

According to the special offer which will be applicable for the first application window, casino developers will have to pay a total of $10 million for licensing online slots, table games and peer-to-peer gaming, such as poker. This is going to be the only available option for the first application period and applicants will have to settle for the all-encompassing license. For those of them who want one type of license only, this will be possible on the 91st day of the application period. At that point, a license for a single license will amount to $4 million.

The participation in this first 90-day window will guarantee that the licensees could launch online-based operation by the end of the year. One the application has been received, the authorities will have 90 more days for the final decision to be made, whereas the licenses will be granted sometime in the fall. This time schedule is related to the state gaming entities only, whereas casino developers based in other states will be able to participate at a later stage. This will happen after 120 days have passed, meaning that this August will offer them a chance to make their applications.

Along the applications for online gambling, the online field will see more development. Video gambling terminals, also known as VGTs are set to launch operation alongside online casinos, whereas online lottery will commence operation this May. In the meantime, 19th March is also going to see the official start of Daily Fantasy Sports applications acceptance, as the state is willing to develop this sector in the upcoming years.

 Author: Hannah Wallace

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