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AstorGame Introduces New eSports Crypto Betting Platform this Summer

International eSports industry is rapidly developing and companies are constantly striving to merge the fields of eGaming and gambling as to make it an even more exciting and entertaining pastime for everyone. AstorGame is a company willing to introduce a different twist and implement cryptocurrencies to the whole thing, according to its official announcement which came this Thursday.

In the rapidly-developing gambling industry, it is not a surprise to anyone that the blockchain technology is settling deeper in the sector of competitive video gaming and eSports events. This gives green light to major eSports tournaments which implement digital currencies to the ultimate degree. With the help of the fast and anonymous means of payment, players have the chance to make a good use of their time while betting on their favorite eSports team or on the outcome of a given eSports match.

The well-known smart contracts which are administered on the blockchain make sure that all transactions are secure and players could not be tricked with a manipulated outcome. Digital currencies and their utilization aim to provide a fair environment for enthusiasts willing to bet on eSports events and this is the ultimate goal of AstorGame. Its current project is aiming to improve the field with its contracts-based gaming and betting platform which is able to guarantee the transparency of interactions.

AstorGame confirmed that June 2018 is going to witness the official launch of the new platform, just in time for the FIFA World Cup, which is a perfect timing for the start of operation. The public release will take place in the summer, however, in the months leading up to it tokens will be up for grabs. All participants will receive their tokens and will be ready for participation in the betting process. As the platform provides both betting and casino options, the said tokens could be utilized anywhere.

Added Perks of the New Betting Platform

In the meantime, developers have thought about the long-term aspect of the platform. These tokens will be the investment that keeps on giving, as they will bring annual dividends to the investors, making the process even more attractive. When players opt for using the new platform to place bets and buy various products, players can obtain points and discounts on the platform. There is also the possibility of exchanging them for another currency of their choice. As an added feature the eSports entity will give back 5 percent of all amassed profits to a wide variety of good causes.

Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, and Bitcoin Cash are all accepted within the platform. Official sale of tokens which could be used in the platform is going to come to an end on 29th April, but at the moment there is a 20-percent bonus present on the platform. The official end of this added bonus period will come in three days, but throughout the month of March, there is also a 10-percent gift feature which will bring players more tokens with their purchase.

 Author: Hannah Wallace

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