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Betting Platform Betrium to Launch Main ICO Phase with BTRM Tokens

Betrium is a well-known entity in the gaming world as it combines gambling with the sphere of digital currencies and provides its users with the opportunity to bet on sports events and put their knowledge to the test. This week saw the announcement that 26th March is going to witness the official main phase of the Initial Coin Offering which is striving to issue the platform’s tokens on the public blockchain.

The last days of this month will realize the full potential of Betrium as anyone interested in investing in its tokens will receive the chance to do so with the official tokens issuing. The token which is utilized in the platform goes by the name of BTRM. The decentralized exchange platform succeeded in finishing its pre-ICO campaign which launched on 23rd October 2017. Over the span of those several months since the launch, the company managed to raise more than $1,283,000 donated by supporters of the idea.

Progress of the Campaign

As a result, the crypto gambling platform has realized as many as 14,000,000 BTRM tokens which will be issued later this month for international purchase. For reference, this amount equals 1,703 ETH. The final day of the pre-ICO was 14th November and this campaign met the initial expectations of its developers.

During the main stage which is scheduled to commence in the last week of March, the ultimate goal is to raise as much as $5,000,000, as well as a total supply of 63,000,000 BTRM tokens. All bets which are placed happen off the chain and players could make wagers on a wide variety of sports events.

On the following stage, 22nd January saw the start of the pre-ICO for Betrium’s new sportsbook which was brought to life with the help of the company’s partnership with The sports media with influence around the world boosted the development of the new sports betting platform which his going to utilize digital currency as a way of placing bets and making payments. Giving it enough time to generate enough support to continue ahead, the official end of the pre-ICO campaign was on 14th February.

The platform is based on Ethereum and it supports ETH, BTC, LTC, XZC, and DASH. Players have the opportunity to invest with the use of MyEtherWallet, Mist, Ethereum Wallet, imToken, or Metamask, while the minimum investment is 0.3 ETH. The two previous stages of token issuing completed the set goal of realizing the needed BTRM tokens.

In addition to that, the platform has a Soft Cap of 320 ETH, as well as a Hard Cap of 2,330 ETH. With the help of the said tokens, Betrium will propel ahead its improvement and ensure that all customers have their expectations met. It should be taken into account that Betrium operates on a global scale and could be relied upon to maintain its no-commission policy intact.

 Author: Hannah Wallace

Hannah Wallace has been part of our team since the website was launched. She has a master’s degree in IT.