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Australian Communications Authority Investigates Allegedly Unlicensed Bitcoin Betting Site JustBet

Gambling and cryptocurrencies are intertwined for quite some time now and with the emergence of newer digital tokens, more gaming platforms implement them In their day-to-day operation. One such Bitcoin-based site which is registered in Australia has entered the spotlight and is currently being investigated since Tasmanian independent MP Andrew Wilkie brought the attention to it.

The gambling website JustBet primary focuses on sports betting and this is what it is known for. It provides its users with the opportunity to utilize both cryptocurrency and US dollars in order to place their bets on Australian and international sports. Among the domains in which they can make their bets are the Australian Football League, the AFLX, which is a seven-a-side variation of Australian rules football, as well as the professional soccer A-League.

Operation of the Crypto Gambling Entity

Players also have the chance to bet on international sports, both while the action is in progress and before the official start of action. Online casino games are also included in the list of betting options for the players at JustBet. However, the operation of the entity is currently being scrutinized, since MP Wilkie drew the attention towards the country where it is registered at. There have been alleged breaches of Australia’s Interactive gambling law which oversees the operation of gaming entities Down Under.

According to the information, the crypto betting site was registered by the Christmas Island Domain Administration. This grants the website with a web address ending in ‘.cx’. This is considered an Australian Island territory and in theory, it makes the operation of the site legal. In the meantime, however, the betting site is registered by a Panamanian. Following the in-depth investigation, it was revealed that the IP address is based in the capital of Costa Rica, San Jose. This location is also known as a thriving hub of the international virtual currency gambling industry, as it is very active in this sector.

Judging by these facts, the authorities have come to the conclusion that the operation of the betting site is not regulated by the gambling commission of any of the Australian states. According to experts in the field, this means that the entity is violating the federal regulations which are established in the country. As it is stated in the said Interactive Gambling Act, gambling operators are not allowed to have unlicensed interactive gambling services like cryptocurrency-based betting on offer and to provide Australian players with them. In response to these discoveries, MP Andrew Wilkie claimed that the web page should be immediately closed.

In response to this, the Christmas Island Domain Administration stated that in order to make the de-registration of the crypto betting web page, it should receive an official request from the authorities or a dedicated claim by the community. An investigation is in progress at the moment which is aiming to reveal the true nature of the gaming site. The Australian Communications and Media Authority has the legal right to impose a civil penalty in the case of law breaching.

 Author: Harrison Young

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