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Paradise Entertainment Rolls Out 267 New LMG Terminals at Macau Casinos

The gaming services and equipment developer Paradise Entertainment has revealed that a total of 267 of its Live Multi Game (LMG) terminals have been brought into effective action at two more Macau-based casino venues.

The Hong Kong-listed gambling solutions provider issued a press release, revealing that a contract was signed in mid-February, under which it would have 50 Live Multi Game terminals installed at the L’Arc casino hotel in Macau. In addition, Paradise Entertainment revealed that 217 LMG terminals had also been brought into operation at MGM Cotai.

Earlier this month, the Hong Kong-listed company revealed that the number of LMG machines which were brought into operation on the territory of Macau had grown. The satellite Casino Diamond venue which currently operating under a license held by SJM Holdings has already seen the addition of 70 terminals powered by Paradise Entertainment. In addition, another 78 of its LMG machines were brought to live at the Grand Lisboa casino of SJM Holdings, expanding the Hong Kong-listed company’s Live Multi Game machines presence in Macau even further.

The latest agreements of the company with the casino venues have brought the number of LMG machines powered by Paradise Entertainment in Macau to more than 3,800.

Increasing Popularity of LMG Terminals in Macau

As mentioned above, the gaming services provider deployed 50 LMG terminals at L’Arc. The latter is located in the traditional downdown casino district in Macau and is run under an operating license held by the local casino operator SJM Holdings. Apart from signing the agreement on February 15th, the company also revealed that the Live Multi Game machines are set to be installed under a revenue sharing arrangement, which initial term is three years. The agreement could be renewed every two years.

In addition, further 217 LMG machines had also been brought into operation at the MGM China Holdings’ Cotai property. The Hong Kong-listed gambling solutions developer explained that the terminals had not only been sold, but were also deployed upon the official opening of the Cotai property on February 13th.

The Chairman of Paradise Entertainment who is also a managing director of the company, Jay Chun, said that the addition of new LMG terminals in Macau as a pretty successful start for the Paradise Entertainment’s operations in 2018. Live Multi Game terminals are the flagship product of the developer, so such a warm welcome given to the company’s product by two gaming operators in Macau could be great for the provider, considering it is only the beginning of the year.

According to Chun, the LMG product currently provided by Paradise Entertainment could enhance the gaming experience provided to customers in Macau casinos.

Recently, the popularity of the LMG product has increased both among Macau operators and casino players. As revealed above, the beginning of February 2018 saw Paradise Entertainment to expand its presence in Macau by the deployment of more than 140 LMG machines in two more casinos running under licenses held by SJM Holdings.

 Author: Hannah Wallace

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