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Sports Betting & Gaming India 2018 Summit Commences Next Week in Goa

The last days of the shortest month of the year are going to welcome one of the pivotal conventions in the gaming world in India, namely the Sports Betting & Gaming India 2018 Summit. According to the official schedule of the gaming congregation, it will take place on 27th and 28th February and it is expected to receive the attention of leading entities in the gambling world, as well as renown speakers ready to share a piece of their mind.

Massive gatherings in the gaming industry such as this summit are well-known for their potential to give a start to many successful partnerships and to create new opportunities for development of entities operating in the field. Eventus International is overseeing the management of the summit and Yudi Soetjiptadi is the managing director who is a responsible part of the organization process. Park Hyatt Goa Resort & Spa will welcome the convention and provide the needed level of preparation for the entities which will be presenting their ideas and products during the summit.

India has been going through quite the development when it comes to the gambling industry, which is why it is not a surprise that the summit is appointed to take place there. As an emerging market, it could benefit from the new partnerships and brands entering the field. There is also the constant introduction of new gambling offerings to the sector and people demonstrate their interest towards them, as they seek new opportunities, for entertainment.

Lottery and horse racing have been the primary gambling branches, but the underground sports betting industry is experiencing quite the interest in the recent years, especially when it comes to betting on cricket matches across the country and football in certain states, which has become a favorite pastime activity for thousands of people. With this summit, the focus will be shifted to the development of the local market and how it could be improved to better serve its customers.

Details around the Summit

Among the participants which have claimed their desire to take part in the summit are gambling developers from countries to the likings of Australia, Malta, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Germany, South Africa, Taiwan, Philippines, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Latvia, United Arab Emirates, India, as well as others. More than twelve months were necessary for the organizers to prepare for the congregation and provide its presenting companies and interested people with informative events.

What would probably be most valuable for the developing industry, are the legislative discussions featured in the rich schedule of the summit. Key stakeholders will examine the case for legislation and regulation paying special attention to consumer protection, which is crucial in the industry. Since a large part of the gambling activities at the moment happen in an illegal way, this is a very important topic of debate which will be examined.

Responsible gambling will also be a part of the summit, as problem gambling is a widely-discussed issue in the international gambling industry. The commercial opportunities for the country and the steady cash inflow are two of the attractive consequences which would come after devising a sustainable framework in the field.

 Author: Hannah Wallace

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