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Swedish Player Viktor Blom Wins Big at partypoker LIVE MILLIONS Germany Main Event

One of the long-awaited poker tournaments in King’s Casino came to a conclusion this Sunday and this was the partypoker LIVE MILLIONS Germany Main Event which brought quite the experience to everyone who played at it. The big winner of the tournament became Viktor Blom who is an accomplished poker player with long experience in the online poker sector. The Swedish player made his way to the first place and laid his hands on the cash coming with it, which reached €850,000.

Placing the culminating point in the poker festival, the Main Event managed to attract a total of 1,022 which in turn swelled the overall prize pool to €12.5 million, guaranteeing generous payouts for the top positions on the official leader board. The final day of action brought a total of 13 players to the final day action, giving them the chance to defeat their performance so far in the tournament and to prove that they deserve the top positions in the tournament.

From those 13 players, only 8 had to make it to the final table, which meant that the elimination had to happen in a rapid manner. The first one to leave the crucial race was Neil Ryder from the UK, who bagged a total of €35,000 for his performance. He was followed closely by Adrian Mateos who also had the smallest amount of chips at the start of the day. His 12th position brought him €40,000 in cash. Following several fast eliminations on the tables, there were only eight players remaining for the final table.

Final Table Action in the Main Event

This poker congregation saw quite the roller coaster of game throughout the hours of action, as there were several players who experienced the good and the bad. One of them was Joao Simao from Brazil, who so far has several cashes throughout this year’s edition of the partypoker MILLIONS Germany festival. He was low in chips and then he amassed some which gave him the chance to eventually make it to the fourth position on the leader board, where he was put by Blom himself. With the help of the €280,000 he received, his overall winnings from this edition of the festival reached €640,000.

A total of 14 hours were necessary in order to get the poker action to its final stages and at that point, the players remaining were quite exhausted by the tense action. The heads-up action took place between Pavel Plesuv from Moldova and Blom, as the latter had the shortest chip stack. Following a temporary advantage of Blom, things turned around and left him with 139,000,000 in chips against the impressive 875,000,000 belonging to Plesuv. At that point it seemed like everything is lost for the Swedish player and his throne will remain a dream for him.

Slowly but steadily Blom picked the right moments to gain more power and several big pots guaranteed him a more prevalent position with 334,000,000 against 679,000,000 for Plesuv. Even though Blom might not be that active in live poker tournaments, he is quite experienced in the online poker field and his skills have been put to the test numerous times in his career.

By doubling three times, Blom made things even and this led to the tough decision before the final hand. After some time dedicated to consideration and the missed flush draw of Plesuv, the Swedish player decided to call with second-pair and no kicker which granted him the throne. According to the deal they made, the runner-up then received €750,000 for his performance and a deep run in the Main Event.

 Author: Benjamin Barry

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