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Toby Lewis Claims Throne in 2018 Aussie Millions A$10,600 Main Event

The Main Event of this year’s Aussie Millions poker festival recently finished and it has its new winner who claimed the throne amid ravishing competition for the big cashes. His name is Toby Lewis and he came straight from London, UK to claim the first place and the top prize amounting to some A$1,458,198 (US$1,156,653). This was the Main Event with the highest number of participants so far and this resulted in large total prize pool as well as even larger payouts for the top positions on the leader board.

Throughout his poker career Lewis has had many big wins and as it turned out after he began his run for the throne, he was the player with most live cashes on the final table of the culminating tournament. His total live cashes amount to some $4,379,236 and this is an impressive amount for his poker career. When he is not demonstrating his skills on the felt, he does this in a wide variety of online poker events, which resulted in his confidence leading up to the final table. His participation in the Main Event also brought him his largest cash so far and the chance to call himself Aussie Million’s champion.

Since the beginning of this year and of 2018 Aussie Millions Poker Championship, he has had a total of three cashes, all within a range of several days. The first one was from the Opening Event of the poker festival where he managed to lay his hands on A$2,835 (US$2,255) and set a kickoff start of the festival. Next up he participated in the A$1,150 Hyper Turbo No-Limit Hold’em 10/10/10 where he was granted some A$2,695 (US$2,185) for his deep run in the event. At the beginning of the final day, he welcomed the rest of the surviving players as the chip leader and set the overall gaming tone with his confident attitude towards the action.

Final Table Main Event Action

The seventh place on the official leader board was taken by Johan Schumacher from Belgium who was eliminated by Espen Solaas and for his deep run received some A$235,000 (US$186,403). Local poker pro Ben Richardson was next to go home so close to the big win, as he did not have a considerable chip stack to brag about. He left the tournament with A$300,000 (US$237,962). Mike Del Vecchio was the chip leader on Day 3 of the Main Event and he has big chances to make his way even higher on the official leader board. However, when all was said and done the lone American on the final table has to leave the run for the big win in the fifth place, which brought him A$370,000 (US$293,486).

Another Aussie player ended up in the fourth position on the leader board and that was Chul-Hyon Park, who entered the Main Event via one of the satellite events and reserved his spot there this way. He laid his hands on a total of A$470,000 (US$372,807) after he was sent home by Solaas. The top three positions were reserved for the best players who proceeded to arrange a deal among themselves. It was based on the amount of chips each of them has at the moment, considering that A$75,000 was set aside for the big winner. This is how Solaas from Norway received A$1,177,103 (US$$933,686) whereas Stefan Huber from Switzerland bagged A$909,699 (US$721,579).

 Author: Benjamin Barry

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