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Macau Gambling Regulator Set to Respond to MGM Cotai Live-Dealer Table Allocation Request

The Macau Government revealed it has received MGM China’s new Cotai casino resort application for the latter’s live-dealer gaming tables. At the end of the previous week, Lionel Leong Vai Tac who currently serves as Secretary for Economy and Finance of Macau revealed announced the news, saying that the gambling operator’s request had been made to the casino regulator of the city.

According to Mr. Leong, the Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau which is the local casino regulatory body, had already received the request but did not share when exactly the application had been received. No more details were also provided about the number of gaming tables that have been requested by the gambling operator. As revealed by Mr. Leong, a report submission of the Economy and Finance office’s analysis on the matter had been made by the Macau’s gambling regulator.

As a result, the Government is expected to announce the result of the process of evaluation and consideration. Last week, the Chief Executive Officer of MGM China said that the two separate date openings of the venue are planned in order for the operator to make the technology arrangements to make sure that everything would work properly.

The new property of the MGM brand in Cotai is to become one of the six operators provided with license to run casino operations in the Macau gambling market. The resort is estimated to $3.46 billion.

MGM Cotai Applies for Live-Dealer Tables Allocation

As CasinoGamesPro reported last Tuesday, the new MGM Cotai property is set to have its official opening ceremony after the actual launch of the venue on January 29th. The grand opening ceremony is scheduled for February 13th.

Earlier, the company had provided the local gambling regulatory authority with information about the allocation of the live-dealer tables in the new MGM Cotai property. At the time when the MGM China Holdings CEO Bowie shared some details about the upcoming opening of the casino and hotel resort, he further explained that the operator believed all the necessary information had been presented to the Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau, so that the Government’s response on the matter was to be expected.

As the gambling operator itself revealed, up to 500 live-dealer tables can be located in the newly-constructed Cotai venue of the brand. Previously, the Deutsche Bank Securities Inc. provided an estimate that a permission for a total of 150 tables is most likely to be given to the property.

Last year’s fourth quarter saw a total number of 6,419 live-dealer tables in the city. Making announcements for new table allocation for a newly-constructed resort only short time before its public opening has not been unprecedented for Macau’s authorities despite the fact that the local Government operates a special policy aimed at limiting the number of new live-dealer tables in local casinos to 3% until the end of 2022. The so-called table cap policy came into effect in 2013.

 Author: Harrison Young

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