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German Poker Player “RKOoutofNWHR” Wins Big at 888poker XL Blizzard #10 – $200,000 Tune Up Event

This weekend managed to amp up the heat at the online poker tournament called XL Blizzard and bring tons of exciting game for the participants in the tournaments. One of the long-awaited events in the rich schedule of the online festival ever since 888poker announced the structure was XL Blizzard #10 – $200,000 Tune Up. Because of its large guaranteed prize pool and the attractive first-place prize, this event gathered an impressive number of participants and secured several hours of exciting play for everyone, especially for the winner “RKOoutofNWHR”.

To be particular, all players who were willing to reach the top positions on the leader board had to play for some thirteen hours in order to make their way through the crowd. Because of the tempting payouts for the best ones among them, there was a total of 1,027 players registered for the long run. Following the first entry level, there were some 352 re-buys, which eventually brought the total number of entries up to 1,379. This made sure that the total live pool is also sufficient enough and it alter became clear that it surpassed the initially dedicated funds.

All entries collectively created a prize pool amounting to some $206,850, which in turn brought a sweet payday to the top 135 positions on the leader board. The big win was grabbed by German poker player “RKOoutofNWHR”, as he reached the top position on the rank list and bagged the generous payout amounting to some $35,591. The poker player managed to lay their hands on the big prize after defeating fellow German player who goes by the nickname “Stiffler29” and sending him to the runner-up position, which brought him $28,181. Several hours back, however, the money bubble was reached by Austrian poker player “Fackedelic” who was the last player who did not make it to the cash payouts.

Action Past the Money Bubble Burst

Thanks to “Fackedelic”, the remaining 135 participants were all granted a fair share of the large total prize pool. The next ten hours after the money bubble burst brought a fast-paced action on the virtual felt, as all participants were giving their best to make it to the top positions. Only the top nine among them reached the coveted final table and showcased their skills.

The first one among them to go was poker player “gtavares” from Brazil, who received some $2,482 for their performance. At that point the eventual winner was already the chip leader and he managed to send Romanian player “Gusalagupagu” to the eighth position with only $3,137. The two participants who had to leave the race were Argentinian player “BtM4Ever”, who bagged $6,206 for their performance, as well as “Avskedad” from Sweden, finishing sixth and receiving $8,274. Another German poker enthusiast had to leave the big run close to the throne and this was “VisionLikeN.”. Bidding farewell to the big cash, this poker pro finished fifth and received a total of $10,343.

This meant that there were only four participants left at that point. Among them, Niklas “tutten7” Astedt from Sweden and “Allindgaard” from Denmark were the ones boasting the shortest stacks of chips. This eventually resulted in the latter finishing fourth and pocketing $14,893, while the former reached the third position and was granted as much as $19,858.

 Author: Benjamin Barry

Benjamin Barry‘s career is worth observing, since he is not only a competent writer, but he has also practical experience at poker tables.