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Karl Stark Leads Day 3 of 2018 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event

The poker festival which attracts the biggest attention in the moment is one that has been long-awaited and many poker players have been excited to participate in. This is the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure festival which saw the official Day 3 of the culminating Main Event, featuring a generous buy-in and securing an even more generous total prize pool amassed with the help of all participants in the poker tournament.

The player who reached the top position on the temporary leader board at the end of the day was Karl Stark from Sweden who had his hands on a total of 1,148,000 in chips at the end of the day. In order to amp up the enthusiasm of all players, PokerStars are making sure that all participants of the Main Event are in for some impressive payouts at the end of Day 6’s final table battle.

The buy-in for the event guarantees this to be true and as it could be seen by the action during Day 3 of the tournament, all of the players can’t wait to find out who is the big winner. This Thursday was also the day when the money bubble finally burst, bringing some clarity to the participants as well as a lot of dramatic moments. It took about two hours of play in order to get to the sweet payday, also known as one of the most nerve-racking moments of every poker tournament.

Money Bubble Burst Payouts

The poker player who received the first cash from the Main Event was Daren Rabinovitz from the United States. He claimed the 87th position on the official leader board of the culminating event and laid his hands on a total of $17,500 which is also the minimum amount of money participants are going to receive from the Main Event. As many as 44 players made their way out of the tournament after once the money bubble burst and they all received consolation prices for their participation. Alexander Gambino also from the US was the last one to go and he bagged as much as $22,020 for his good performance.

A player with big potential had to leave the tournament sooner than expected and this was Barry Greenstein from the US. Many had their hopes up for him winning the Main Event, but he reached only 47th position and claimed $22,020 for his performance. This means that there are only 43 players remaining and continuing ahead towards Day 4 of the Main Event, where Stark is going to welcome them as the chip leader.

The Swedish player commenced bubble day with a strong determination to win big and he was following his agenda to the last minute. Following him close is David Peters from the US who has a chip stack amounting to some 1,117,000. Russian player Oleg Titov who was the chip leader on Day 2 of the Main Event is now occupying the third place in the temporary chip count with his 938,000 in chips. This Friday is going to give the green light to Day 4 of the culminating event and it guarantees even more fast-paced game.

 Author: Benjamin Barry

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