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New Mexico Native American Tribes Fund Problem Gambling Study

Tribal casinos are widely spread across the United States and it is a known fact that the Native American tribes have been known for their gambling management skills. However, up until this moment, there has not been substantial research into the gaming habits of the region of New Mexico and how the gambling offerings affect the way players perceive the entertaining pastime. The Responsible Gaming Association of New Mexico financed the first major study in the way people in the region play and the results have the potential to reveal a lot about their mentality.

Problem gambling is an issue which continues attracting the attention of experts in the industry around the world and various measures have been taken in order to prevent and minimize the negative impact it has on society in general, as well as the communities and the families of the affected by it. The state of New Mexico is planning to take an in-depth look into how gamers perceive gambling as well as take the measures necessary for battling it. Both adolescents and adults are going to be the subject of the study and particular interest of it are going to be the economically vulnerable populations.

Insight into the Habits of Players Would be Provided

The study is going to be conducted by the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation. As it has been revealed by a similar research in the state which took place back in 2006, there has been about 15,000 women and 24,000 men struggling with problem gambling or how it is also being referred to, compulsive or pathological behavior. This was also the last research of this kind, which means that there has been more than a decade since the last substantial review of the gambling habits of the community.

The industry-funded Responsible Gaming Association is therefore willing to update the data collected from the previous study and provide an accurate representation of the current landscape of the sector. As it is known, compulsive gambling leaves the player no other choice but to seek the instant gratification of slot machines and look forward to it. This drive is something which could be controlled if the subject is willing to undergo the process of working on the issue and what is causing it. The study is expected to cost some $292,000 to the association, which is created and funded by Native American tribes in the area.

The association is working towards combating problem gambling, which is considered a mental health disorder by experts. Rebecca Beardsley, President of the Gaming Association, stated that this is an accurate way to estimate whether the measures that have been taken so far have given the necessary results and to come up with more reliable ones if needed. The study is going to continue up until the end of 2019 and the results will be publicly announced.

 Author: Harrison Young

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