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Scientific Games Offers Gambling-Style Facebook Apps Available to Children

Gone are the days when the world of gambling used to be restricted to the gambling parlors and casinos only and this is clearly visible by the trends in the online realm. More and more reports emerge in relation to the numerous Facebook-based games which offer a gambling experience to users of all age groups. One of the big names in the field, the US-based Scientific Games, is making these apps available for everyone who has an account on the social media platform, without any substantial age checks.

It is a known fact that many children also have an access to these gambling-style apps, which is raising the concerns of many people. Experts say that the exposure to such influences from a young age could seriously affect their future gambling habits, as well as the way they perceive gambling as a pastime. Scientific Games is a well-known entity in the gaming world since they are the name behind many new projects and offerings available for millions of gambling enthusiasts around the world. It also is responsible for the operation of thousands of fixed-odds betting terminals located in the United Kingdom.

As it was reported by Tom Watson, the Deputy Leader of the Labor Party in the UK, as many as 60,000 children have been participating in the staking money practices and their number is growing by the hour. The risk of addiction at a later point in their life or even at the age they currently are is getting higher with the number of hours they spend on the said apps which accurately represent what real-life gambling in a casino feels and looks like. Mr. Watson expressed his concerns that the tendency of offering such digital content is deeply concerning and should, therefore, be prohibited.

The Way Games Can Affect Easily-Impressionable Minds

The gaming developer Scientific Games is responsible for the FOBTs offered by the well-known company Ladbrokes and is also known as the developer of gaming offerings for a wide variety of gambling web pages. It is also creating the so-called “social games” which are specifically designed to be accessible as apps on Facebook. Their appealing graphics featuring beloved childhood characters to the likings of Fred and Barney from The Flintstones and the beautiful princess Rapunzel are what is drawing the young social media users to them and this is the main reason why Mr. Watson decided to urge the major social platform to look into the issue and take measures for their removal.

The Gambling Commission of the UK issued its most recent report and a major point in it was social gaming and its effects on the way social media shapes our everyday lives. According to researches performed by the industry regulator, children who had been exposed to the effect of gambling at a very young age are much more likely to participate in gambling activities involving the betting of large sums of money.

One of the apps which has been given as an example was the Jackpot Party Casino Slots one which does not utilize real-life currency but instead has the so-called coins on offer, which could be purchased for in-game use. Even though in the terms of service there is a disclaimer listing that the game is targeted at people over 21, the players are not prompted to input their age before participating in it. This concerning fact is urging the regulator to seek protection of the players.

 Author: Hannah Wallace

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