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US Court Confirms Cal Neva Resort & Casino Purchase Will Take Place

It was recently reported that the future of Cal Neva Resort and Casino is no longer threatened by uncertainty because the deal for purchase was settled by Larry Ellison. The Co-Founder of Oracle Corp. and billionaire has arranged the deal with the creditors and the public received the confirmation that the arrangement is progressing to the next phase. This comes as a relief to many, since this Monday brought the news that Mr. Ellison might in fact not be able to finalize the deal and the iconic resort could be left without a renovation and launch date for the foreseeable future.

The $35.8 million deal for the entertainment location in Crystal Bay seemed to be in jeopardy after the US Bankruptcy Court stated that the stay of the proposed sale is in fact for a longer period of time than Mr. Ellison was willing to accept. However, there is a positive development of the situation and it was recently confirmed that the location is going to become a possession of the billionaire who is willing to renovate it. Many are considering it a site with big potential which is left underutilized, but that is expected to change soon.

It was confirmed that after some discussions with creditors of the location, Cal Neva will be purchased through Ellison’s Lawrence Investments. The deal should be finalized by 10th January, as it is stated in the legal documents filed with the US Bankruptcy Court in Reno, Nevada. The negotiations with the said creditors have been in progress for the last several weeks and all parties have finally reached a mutually beneficial agreement. It was confirmed that a creditor based in Dallas is going to receive as much as $27 million of all proceeds from the sale.

Previous Plans for the Resort

The former owner of Cal Neva Resort and Casino owns a large sum of money to the creditor, however, it was confirmed that the Dallas-based party will have the right to claim the equipment and furniture from the location. Until the final date of the period of time given for the finalization of the deal, the said devices and furniture will remain in the warehouse in Sparks, Nevada, where they are currently being stored. The news is pleasant for everyone because many people have been following the situation for many years now and every up and down has been affecting the community. It could be recalled that there have been several attempts to bring Cal Neva back in the game before.

Back in 2013 Criswell Radovan, a Napa Valley real estate firm acquired the resort with the intention to invest millions of dollars into its renovation and complete refurbishment. The Co-Owner of the firm stated plans for a rebirth and a totally different vibe of the place, but unfortunately, all of them remained just a figment of his imagination, since the firm filed for bankruptcy in 2016. This left the creditors with more than $27 million debt, but the recent turn of events gives a lot of hope both for the local community and the industry.

 Author: Harrison Young

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