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Tulalip Tribes to Open New Quil Ceda Creek Casino Hotel in 2019

This Tuesday brought the news that the Tulalip Tribes have broken ground on their new gambling project which is expected to replace the existing Quil Ceda Creek Casino in the State of Washington, proven not big enough for all enthusiasts willing to visit it. The new casino and hotel project is expected to cost as much as $140 million to its developers and the beginning of the construction process was appropriately celebrated with a blessing and prayers by members of the tribes. As for the scheduled launch date of the new location, it is going to be some time in the spring of 2019.

Teri Gobin is the Chairwoman of the Native American tribes and she stated at the groundbreaking ceremony that took place this week is expected by many while the new project is going to bring thousands of new job positions for people in the region as well as fresh revenue for the local economy. At the moment, the tribes operate two casino locations, the larger one being Tulalip Resort Casino, while the one informally known as the Q is the smaller one. The two gambling venues combined provide a job for as many as 2,400 people in the area which is already a large number.

Details around the New Project

The new project called Quil Ceda Creek Casino Hotel is going to be bigger and therefore offer more employment to the people looking for a spot in the industry. With its location spanning over 16 acres south of the existing Q, the hotel and casino location will provide a better alternative to the busy casino.

After some discussions among the tribes, they have reached the conclusion that a hotel will be a very appropriate addition to the new location and they are planning to build a 150-room one, which will have rooms available for booking in 2019. Ken Kettler, President and Chief Operating Officer at Tulalip Resort Casino, stated that they are currently working on the design of the rooms for accommodation.

As for the gambling facility which will be featured in the new project, it will span across 110,000 square feet and it is going to boast a total of 1,500 slot machines. This is quite the jump from the currently operating 1,000. It will also have more table games on offer, as well as a parking garage with 1,200 stalls and additional parking areas which would be able to accommodate up to 700 other vehicles. Teresa Jira, Executive Vice President at Quil Seda Creek Casino, stated that an innovation which will be much appreciated by all visitors to the casino location is going to be the much-needed smoke elimination system.

The quality of the air in the currently operating facility has been an issue which is going to be fixed in the new one. There will also be various new dining and bar options in the casino, among which many coffee and desserts offerings. The hotel itself will feature a VIP-business lounge, numerous meeting rooms, as well as a catering kitchen, a spa, and a large pool.

 Author: Harrison Young

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