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New Jersey Representative Proposes Sports Betting Legalization Bill

The month of December will see a major step forward for the sports betting activities across the US since the Supreme Court is going to look through the case which the state of New Jersey has filed. All arguments regarding it will be heard and a final decision is expected to be taken. Until that happens, Rep. Frank Pallone (D-New Jersey) is ready with a backup plan in case the Supreme Court does not vote in favor of the gambling hub on the East coast and it is a special gaming bill.

As it was reported, the local representative has stated that there is a big interest in the sports gambling sphere and it will be in favor of everyone in the gaming industry if the Congress legalizes the practices in all states. At the moment people in the states of Oregon, Montana, Delaware, and Nevada can participate in such sports betting activities and it has been known that many states would also wish to introduce the field to their regions. Mr. Pallone stated that for the time being the industry of sports wagering is estimating to as much as half-trillion-dollar, which is a considerable amount of money оn a large scale such as the United States as a whole.

Since most of the states do not allow the sports betting to happen legally, many people participate in illegal activities which in turn robs the states of the potential revenue they could have otherwise amassed by sports gambling. The money could be placed in person with the help of a bookie or through a special app and both scenarios are most likely to be managed by a criminal operator who does not allow the money to reach the state. The Representative stated that this practice should be stopped and instead the states should begin benefiting from it by legalizing sports betting.

The Plan for Action of the Representative

What he intends to do is to replace the shady connotation of sports betting with one of reliability and he is going to do so with the help of his bill named GAME Act. The new bill is expected to give each state of the US the exclusive right to decide whether they want to make sports betting legal within the borders of the state or not. This will give the states their independence to make decisions which affect the well-being of their residents and the voters themselves will have a saying whether they approve of such legalization or they oppose the change. Problem gambling is an issue which is highly discussed nowadays and many people are concerned with the rates of people addicted to participating in gambling activities, so an opposition to the legalization is also expected.

Mr. Pallone also added that the potential legalization would create many new jobs for the people looking for one, while also providing a new source of income for the state authorities. It will, in the meantime, remove one illegal activity which is currently thriving in some areas of the US. According to the Representative, President Donald Trump might help with the legalization process as a supporter of the idea, since he has some experience with the casino management in general.

 Author: Harrison Young

Harrison Young is an experienced writer, who started his career almost 8 years ago. Prior to joining our team at CasinoGamesPro, he worked as an editor for a small magazine.