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Atlantic City Experts Deem Skill-Based Casino Games Appealing to Millennials

Skill-based gambling continues to be considered appealing to the younger demographic of gambling enthusiasts, as it has been recently confirmed by experts in the field. The East Coast gaming hub Atlantic City has been engaging customers in skill-based gaming offerings for quite some time until this May one of the leading casino operators removing all such games from their floors since they had not been able to provide the revenue necessary for covering the rights taxes.

This spring a surprising decision was made by the international casino operator Caesars Entertainment and all skill-based games were permanently removed from the casino locations in the gambling hub. The explanation for this move was that the devices could not amass enough revenue in order to cover the fees and the main reason for that was the fact that allegedly the customers of the gaming facility have not been interested in participating in such games. Regardless of this statement, there are still many specialists in the field who support the idea of skill-based games and consider them a way to attract more millennials to the casino floors.

One of the supporters of this type of games is Robert Ambrose, Gaming Consultant, who stated that in the long term skill-based games will prove to be more successful among the younger casino players. What needs to be done is more new gaming offerings to be introduced, in order to attract the players towards the machines. However, since its initial labeling as a way to make gambling appealing to younger players, it has not reached the results which were expected by the casino operators. For the time being many of the players perceive it as something new and as such it is still approached with skepticism, but there are still people interested in participating in it.

The Future of Skill-Based Gaming

The casino sector in Atlantic City has been looking for ways to make casino locations more appealing to the millennials for quite some time now and the responses to them have been mixed. Mr. Ambrose stated that the younger players who will find this type of games appealing will go for them because of the skill factor. They can give them the chance to demonstrate their capacity and proficiency and if the game provides only an illusion of skill, the players will not spend much time playing it. Blaine Graboyes is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of GameCo and he stated that skill-based gaming has a lot to offer to its players.

The developer of games is working on this specific type of gaming for quite some time now and Mr. Graboyes said that there is high demand for their products and the momentum should be utilized. There have been a total of 21 games removed and the decision was mutual between Caesars and GameCo. This taught the gaming developer how to focus on the proper marketing of a given device. Steve Callender, General Manager of Tropicana Atlantic City, also stated that the location is generating higher revenue from the newer casino players participating in skill-based games.

 Author: Hannah Wallace

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