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New York and Maryland Work to Legalize Sports Betting

The legalization of sports betting in the US is progressing ahead as many states have expressed their desire to legalize the field within their boundaries. The most recent news came this Monday when the residents of the state of New York approved two amendments to the state constitution in relation to that. The authorities in the state have announced that next year is likely to bring official legalization of sports betting in gambling venues, off-track betting parlors, as well as race tracks across the state. The state of Maryland is also considering its options regarding sports betting legalization.

Sports betting shows a lot of potential for returning to the state of Maryland and the officials have confirmed their interest in introducing it to the Maryland’s General Assembly in 2018. At the moment betting on sports is strictly prohibited in most states of the US, but this could be easily altered if enough people agree to it and cast their votes in support of the idea. One of the casino operators in Maryland, Joe Weinberg, said that the state should be prepared for such scenario. He is actively pushing the topic for discussion by the Joint Committee on Gaming Oversight which will see to include the question in next year’s general election ballot.

The change comes as a response to the progress of the New Jersey’s sports betting legalization effort, where lawmakers have taken the issue to the Supreme Court claiming that the ban on sports betting violates the 10th amendment granting powers to individual states. The state of Maryland is interested in developing the field since it is expected to drive many new customers to the area as well as some increase in the revenue of the gambling operators. There are predictions that about 1.5 million additional visitors are going to join in the field in Maryland at some point after the legalization.

Upcoming Changes for the State of New York

The state of New York is also looking in that direction, as it was confirmed by Gary Pretlow, Democratic Westchester Assemblyman. He stated that the lawyers are seeking ways in which they can introduce the proposal and speed up the process since nobody wants an extensive amendment process which could take up to two years to be finished. The case filed by the state of New Jersey with the US Supreme Court is driving the sports betting push in New York as well. It was confirmed that the US Supreme Court has a special hearing scheduled on 4th December and the decision is expected to be taken in 2018.

However, there is a controversial situation, as the potential legalization of sports betting in New Jersey is going to apply the three commercial casinos in New York which are Rivers in Schenectady, del Lago in Tyre, and Tioga Downs in Nichols and to the rest of the country, as well. The tribal casinos in the state might also take that as a permission to open sports betting rooms, which will, in turn, aggravate the currently existing competition in the field. Henry Wojtaszek, Chief Executive Officer of Batavia Downs racino and harness track located in Batavia, stated that his facility will be on the losing end if this happens. Whatever the outcome might be, the process of change has already begun in the two states.

 Author: Harrison Young

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