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Macau Gaming Operators to Invest in Green Cotai Connection Route Bus Services

The six casino companies in the region of Macau have promised to provide their customers with special bus services that use renewable energy or electric shuttle. Reportedly, the trial run for the bus service is to start with the Cotai Connection route.

Yesterday, the six casino operators issued a joint press release, in which the companies explained that last year the customers of the six of them could take advantage of collective bus services that transferred players between different properties of each operators.

As mentioned above, the bus services trial is to be held on the Cotai Connection route, which is known for linking only properties situated around the Cotai Strip.

Macau Casino Operators Stick to Transport Bureau Commitment

The companies also explained that the measure was aimed at off-setting road traffic, as they have made a commitment to the local Transport Bureau. Under that engagement, at least 15% of the shuttle buses of each gambling operator must start running on electric or renewable energy sources by May 2018.

According to the joint statement issues by the six operators, the new bus service is expected to optimize the transportation in Macau. In addition, these services are also expected to improve the overall environment in the area for both its residents and visitors, not to mention that it could support the development of Macau, turning it in one of the global destinations of green tourism.

The Central Government of China has been willing to address certain issues related to air pollution in cities across the country. Back in September 2017, an announcement was made by Beijing that new wide-ranging regulations are to be implemented. Under the new rules, car manufacturers are to be required to meet higher production quotas for cars powered by batteries from 2019.

The Cotai Connection was officially launched for customers of casino operators in June 2016 by the company that operates the Galaxy Macau and Broadway Macau venues on the Cotai route, Galaxy Entertainment Group, in collaboration with Melco Resorts and Entertainment which is the full-stake owner of City of Dreams Macau and a 60% owner of the Studio City resort. The other company which took part in the Cotai Connection launch is the operator that runs the Plaza Macao, the Venetian Macao and Sands Cotai Central – Sands China Ltd.

Since the beginning of December 2016, the Macau casino companies Wynn Macau Ltd and MGM China Holdings Ltd have also been running a joint bus service on the route between the Border Gate checkpoint with Zhuhai, mainland China and their downtown casinos MGM Macau and Wynn Macau. MGM China has previously revealed that its new property in the region is set to open on January 29th 2018.

 Author: Harrison Young

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