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Danish Gambling Authority Introduces App for Battling Problem Gambling

Denmark is in for an innovation in the gambling industry and specifically in relation to the problem gambling issue, which is a cumbersome subject. The Danish Gambling Authority has announced the launch of a new mobile app which aims to help the player keep track of the time they usually spend gambling and stay on top of their game. It is going to provide an in-depth analysis of their gaming behavior so that they have a better idea as to how gambling is implemented in their life.

There are mobile apps which focus on preventing gambling players from entering online betting web pages and they have proven to be effective, but they only work if the player is interested in making the first step – taking responsibility for their own actions and acting on the prevention of addictive behavior. The new app developed by the Danish Gambling Authority allows players to input their winnings and losses in an easy manner while playing and thus see the bigger picture when it comes to their playing habits. The app is going to notify them when the ratio between receiving and losing money is not in their favor and their gambling might be entering a dangerous zone.

MitSpil is for Everyone

The gambling regulator first launched the app “MitSpil” in November last year and back then the app had a more informative role. It aimed to provide the players with information about the nature of gambling and how addictions could be avoided. The second version of the app introduces a tracker feature, which provides a better perspective on the amount of money spent and earned. It works in the same way like an Excel sheet would work and it does all the tallies necessary. There is also a feature of notifying the player when there has been a delay in the input of data. The notifications are nudging the use to do so with the help of a push message which pops up on his device.

“MitSpil” is designed with the idea that people should use it in an effortless way and not spend too much time on it. The gaming regulator has also devoted efforts to make it user-friendly and attract the younger demographic to use it, since younger people are understandably curious to give gambling a try and, if not educated about the risks of it, they are more likely to develop a dependency towards gambling. The National Center for Social Research conducted a research among casino players aged 18-74, which showed intriguing results.

According to it, in 2016 about 10,000 Danes were suffering from problem gambling and its consequences, and this figure marked an almost doubling in comparison to the rates back in 2005. Furthermore, male players among the age of 18 and 39 are most threatened of facing problem gambling in their life, as per the study.

 Author: Hannah Wallace

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