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Betting Company Lottoland Faces National Ban and Industry Outlash

The crusade against the controversial lottery betting company Lottoland is in full swing in Australia, as many people, companies, and firms in the sector demonstrate their position in relation to the problem. There are petitions forming throughout the Northern Territory with people coming together to share their experience with the company and make an effort to cease its operation. As it could be recalled, the nature of the Gibraltar-listed lottery betting company Lottoland as a foreign one is very specific and there have been concerns that many people could be deceived as to where their money is going.

One of those instances is the signature collecting which a well-known newsagent company is currently running and there have been more than 200 signatures supporting the idea that the company should be banned and no longer operate. The petition is organized by the family-run newsagent Berrimah Post News and Tatts. The owner of the well-known news outlet Terri Polman has been questioning his customers whether they agree with the operation of the lottery betting company and many of them are quick to disagree.

One of the main reasons which many of the people opposing state is that they are left with the impression that their money goes for the benefit of the country, but instead Lottoland is keeping all money from participants as a revenue. Another thing that is very confusing to many players is that the organization is, in fact, not a lottery on its own, but a company which lets the players bet against the outcome of various international lottery draws. The company insists on being very involved with the players and there have been situations where the players are forced to cancel their credit cards, just so that they are finally able to cut all bonds with the lottery betting company.

The Industry’s Response

Many Australian companies have vocalized their opinion on the Lottoland issue, and the newsagents were the first to declare war against the deceiving foreign company. Some people in the industry even went as far as calling Lottoland the gambling disrupter in the country. The campaign against the company is striving to raise the awareness regarding the issue and attract the attention of gambling regulators, the Federal Government, as well as those customers who are still on the fence and need more arguments that the company is not working for the collective good.

At the moment, the company is allowed to continue its operation in Australia, just because the online lottery set-up is registered in the Northern Territory, where numerous bookmakers and gambling companies have based their operation. What draws them to that location are the convenient tax rates as well as the good licensing regime. Attorney General Natasha Fyles still supports her statement that the Territory Labor Government is working on the reliable regulations for the sports bookmaking field.

 Author: Hannah Wallace

Hannah Wallace has been part of our team since the website was launched. She has a master’s degree in IT.