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Japanese Parliament Postpones Casino Bill Discussion until 2018

The Japanese parliament, commonly referred to as the Diet, will have to continue considering some of the important bills which are currently being discussed. Among them are important topics such as preventing overwork, lowering the age of majority, and allowing the operation of casino venues. This measure is being taken because the lower house was officially dismissed due to the recent call for snap election. This is going to considerably slow down the whole process of enactment of a number of broadly discussed bills. The move has been contested by many, but it cannot be avoided at this point.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe dismissed the lower house of the Diet this Thursday which is going to result in a big delay of the discussion of crucial for the country issues, which are expected to improve the state of affairs and better the life of Japanese people. The four key bills, among which the long-awaited gambling one, will have to be discussed when the parliament returns to business at the beginning of 2018. If the bill is discussed and agreed on, it will give the permission of casino operators to build integrated resorts in the country and introduce gambling to the nation. The bill is going to include very specific regulations which would protect all parties involved, such as casino admission restrictions and customer rights.

What Is Included in the Casino Bill?

The said casino bill which will be discussed by the parliament earlier next year strives to regulate the gambling industry in an adequate manner and provide the necessary conditions for international casino operators to enter the market and develop their business. The parliament is convinced that a well-functioning casino field will draw more tourists and foreigners to the country and will boost the economy immensely. The new rules and regulations which will be set by the bill are expected to create a safe environment, which to let the industry flourish.

Meanwhile, the opposition of the introduction of casinos remains strong. In response to the low approval of the integrated resorts construction among the nation, the parliament is currently pondering the idea of working on a separate bill, which will feature measures for the protection of the players. The most important among them is the measures for battling problem gambling, a topic that concerns the community most and that might, in turn, slow down the process of discussion even more.

As it could be recalled, the Japanese government is acting on constructing the first integrated casino resort in the country, even though many surveys through the years have shown that the nation is not eager to welcome gambling within the borders of Japan. There is already a big part of the community that is addicted to the game of Pachinko, which is a seemingly safer form of gambling that can bring the players profits.

 Author: Harrison Young

Harrison Young is an experienced writer, who started his career almost 8 years ago. Prior to joining our team at CasinoGamesPro, he worked as an editor for a small magazine.