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Australian Northern Territory Government Does Not Support Lottoland

The controversial situations in the online gambling industry never cease to flourish and the latest example of such case comes from Australia. The online lottery betting operator Lottoland is going through a rough patch, as it is facing the possibility of being banned from operating in the country. It all spawned as a result of an assault from Australian officials and retail lottery operators aimed at Lottoland, claiming that it is, in fact, a deceptive and “fake” company. For the time being, the government is not rushing to provide help and back up the lottery betting operator, operating in the Northern Territory.

In fact, the company has faced serious backlash from various politicians. This Tuesday saw a rapid development around the foreign lottery betting company since the federal Communications Minister Mitch Fifield had an inquiry to make to the government of the Northern Territory. This is the authority which issued Lottoland its online sports betting license and by doing so, it allowed the company to develop its business. Mr. Fifield demanded that the gaming regulator justifies its decision to issue this gaming license in the first place and this eventually stirred the pot of the Gibraltar-based company.

The reason why not even the government is willing to provide an adequate backup of the lottery betting operator is that the approval of the online gaming license has been given by the former CLP government. The current Gunner government is not that enthusiastic about the ongoing operation of Lottoland, and Attorney-General Natasha Fyles stated that the letter issued by Senator Fifield has drawn the regulator’s attention towards the problematic situation. As a main issue regarding the lottery betting operator, was stated the fact that players do not put their money back into the community, but instead they are adding up to a foreign corporation’s revenue, masked as a state lottery.

The True Nature of the Lottery Betting Operator

It is no secret to anyone that the online lottery betting company has been criticized by many throughout the years of its operation for being misleading its clients and making them think they are playing in a traditional lottery. Due to its name, opponents say that people could be easily tricked into thinking their money are actually going to the state government and they are benefiting society as a whole. In reality, many would say Lottoland is a rival to the national lottery and due to its marketing strategies, it has gained a lot of popularity among the nation.

Lottoland gives Australians the opportunity to play online on lucrative lotteries located overseas by betting on the outcome. Instead of funding the proliferating business of the lottery betting operator, the opposition claims that the government should focus on developing and modernizing the Australian state lottery, in order to make it more appealing to the players and draw them to participate in it on a daily basis. This is expected to benefit both them and the community since the money will remain in the country.

 Author: Hannah Wallace

Hannah Wallace has been part of our team since the website was launched. She has a master’s degree in IT.