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Online Poker Room Cafrino Purchases National League of Poker

In the recent months, Cafrino has been devoting its efforts to expand its influence in the online poker world and make its brand more recognizable, which has given the results that were initially desired. The US-oriented online poker room has recently announced the acquisition of the National League of Poker, aiming to diversify its presence in the world of cards.

The recent purchase of NLOP marks a turning point in the history of Cafrino since it solidifies its position in the market as a revolutionary idea, which continues growing and developing. NLOP has a vast amount of followers and users, amounting to 1.3 million in the States, which has been added to the already existing popularity of Cafrino. The plan of the two companies is to be run as separate entities in the online space. At the same time, innovation will be introduced to both brands, thus benefiting all current and future users.

The Spawn of a New Idea

Cafrino has been giving the opportunity of online poker participation to thousands of people all around the United States. Even though online poker is not considered legal in most of the states in the USA, the innovative online poker room is making the best of the situation and is still able to offer real cash prizes to its devotees. This seemingly impossible to accomplish feat is allowed to happen because Cafrino has found a way to circumvent the law in a very logical manner. It began its journey in 2014 when poker players decided to establish a trustworthy online destination dedicated to poker.

In fact, the online poker room does not make any cash from its poker players, while providing them with rewards using a share of the revenue amassed from the ads. This revenue is received from third-party sources and thus it makes the whole scheme completely legal and allowed in all of the states. At the moment Cafrino has offices in New York and California, thus being able to operate its business in a more efficient manner and keep in touch with its partners. Their future plans are to implement innovation in their product and focus on the social side of gaming.

The National League of Poker was launched in 2006 and ever since then it has been known as a free-to-play online poker destination, which takes into account the legalities of the poker industry. It provides a legal alternative to online gambling in the United States. Just like Cafrino, NLOP pays the cash prizes to its winners from its advertising revenue. To this well-rounded gaming plan, the league has added a subscription model and mobile applications available for all operational systems, making the access to the platform even easier and effortless.

 Author: Hannah Wallace

Hannah Wallace has been part of our team since the website was launched. She has a master’s degree in IT.