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Brazilian Football Confederation Shakes Hands with Sportradar

The Brazilian Football Confederation, officially known as Confederação Brasileira de Futebol, has recently inked its brand new partnership with the leading company in the analyzing sports data field, Sportradar. Together in this joint venture the two organizations will try to elevate the quality of the Brazil national leagues matches by implementing the supplier’s Fraud Detection System.

Ever since 2005 the leading corporation has been partnering with German Football Association and actively working on detecting fraud and match fixing. The system of detection was later further developed and launched with its new official name Fraud Detection System. Now the Brazilian Football Confederation has entered the partnership with one of the leading companies in their field, and under their guidance their own in-house Integrity Department has been established. This means that there will be an Integrity Officer assigned to work directly with Sportradar and provide any information needed.

The new partnership aims to improve the current sate of football in Brazil and introduce innovation to the progressive industry. Sportradar is well-known for its tools for bookmakers among which there are in-game and pre-match odds suggestions, resulting, market monitoring, and trading services. Some of the partners which rely on the professional level of service Sportradar is able to provide, are The US National Football and Hockey Leagues, NASCAR, International Tennis Federation. In 2016 the corporation signed a contract with the NBA. Marco Polo del Nero, President of the Brazilian Football Confederation, said that the betting market is growing and so is the need for protecting all matches from any interference.

At the moment Sportradar has its stable presence in the football industry in Brazil, since it is monitoring the overall betting patterns on Campeonato Brasileiro Série A and Série B. According to previous agreements with football governing bodies on a global level, the corporation also oversees the Brazil Cup. After this partnership with the Brazilian Football Confederation Sportradar will have the permission to monitor Série C and Série D of the Championship as well. The Fraud Intelligence Unit, which makes Sportradar so renown, will be available for use by the Confederation as well.

The Fraud Detection System is deemed completely reliable and effective in numerous conditions and circumstances. UEFA is currently using it in its work in order to identify possible match fixing, which only comes to show how trustworthy the system can be. It is used to overseeing betting markets for anomalous activity which in turn can mean that there has been a fraudulent manipulation involved with a given match. The information gathered through the use of the Fraud Detection System is then a subject to extensive checks in order to be proven its accuracy, which leaves no place for errors of judgment.

 Author: Hannah Wallace

Hannah Wallace has been part of our team since the website was launched. She has a master’s degree in IT.