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eSports Industry May Be Regulated Soon to Prevent Illegal Betting

eSports is one of the most popular types of competitive video gaming and even though the name does suggest a more active nature of the sport, which action takes place in the virtual realm. The gambling world has become more and more involved in the trending new video gaming and this makes many people worried about the rising number of people who like to take a punt on the outcome of the tournaments.

The new way wagers have made their way at the eSports tournaments is called “money matches” and it is best known for the fact that it provides the audience and the players with the chance to bet on which team is going to win and what the result will be. However, the practice of betting among friends can soon cause problems, since betting on teams could be considered an illegal bookie offering if not regulated appropriately. In accordance with the raising concerns, regulators have been taken the matter seriously and began devising measures for keeping eSports betting in the legal zone.

Since it is a relatively new sport and betting on the outcome and the winning team has only recently commenced, there are still details that need to be talked through. A. G. Burnett, Chairman of the Nevada Gaming Control Board, has recently announced that the board plans on creating a discussion between casinos and hosts of eSports tournaments, which will aim to clarify the rules and laws of making wagers in the up-and-coming virtual sport.

eSports has attracted the attention of everyone involved in the gaming world or interested in it, which proves its uniqueness and the true span of this phenomenon. It has even received true sport status after it was added to the Asian Olympic Games schedule, which are expected to take place in 2022. This new activity combines the opportunity to demonstrate your skills in a given game a player have been practicing for some time, and the chance to win impressive prizes and gain popularity as one of the best players in the field of eSports.

The process of moving from the comfort of your own home to the stage of an eSports event might take some preparation, but the final result is always a success and a useful experience for the players. Millennials comprise most of the players in the field, but there are also players from previous generations, which have spent even more time developing their skills and gameplay. Casino operators around the world are making their best to attract a younger audience to their venues, so they are more than willing to implement the trending sport in their casinos. This is expected to make younger people enter a casino for the first time and warm them up to the idea of the innovative casino games opportunities.

 Author: Hannah Wallace

Hannah Wallace has been part of our team since the website was launched. She has a master’s degree in IT.