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MGM Resorts International Confirms Future Plans for Japanese Gambling Market

The Japanese gambling market is enjoying a lot of popularity these days since MGM Resorts International confirmed its continuing interest towards it. The industry giant made public the decision to allocate development specialists based in the US to Japan, where they can focus on evolving and spreading the company’s influence in the nascent casino field.

By moving those employees to their Japan-based location, MGM Resorts International also swells the combined number of development employees currently working for it. The development staffing located at the two places adds up to more than a dozen, which also strengthens the organizational structure in Japan. Another important decision the company has recently made is to appoint Jason P. Hyland as the Representative Officer and President of MGM Resorts Japan. Prior to his present position, Mr. Hyland was Charge d’Affaires at the United State Embassy in Tokyo.

MGM Resorts International’s decision marks the increased interest of the company in the Japanese casino market, following their recent announcement that they are willing to build their first Japanese resort. In order to make the operation of the project easier, the giant will relocate its existing office from Akasaka to Otemachi, Tokyo, as well as open a new location in the central business district. The strong commitment of the company has been ongoing since MGM established Japanese subsidiaries in Tokyo and Osaka back in 2014.

Numerous foreign companies and some of the world’s most influencing casino operators have already shown their interest in entering the market and providing the industry with a wide variety of options. This comes as no surprise to anyone since the government of Japan recently decided to legalize the casino field, which requires a further regulation process that will set the principles under which the industry will be run. According to recent forecast regarding the up-and-coming industry, as many as four integrated resorts could open for business in Japan.

With their combined forces, they can lead the gambling market ahead and elevate it to an internationally competitive one, which can generate up to $25 billion. For the moment, Tokyo and Osaka are the two likely locations, which can host the future integrated resorts. Since they boast a much larger population than Singapore, one of the world’s highest grossing casino hubs, this could guarantee the bigger attendance of them and the more substantial revenue. The future operators will aim to provide their customers with the gambling experience they have been waiting for.

Like any project under development, Japanese gambling market needs to have the proper regulation, which can guarantee the security of both casino operators and players. For the moment, the casino bill developed by the National Diet is still being drafted. However, the government should focus on making it more liberal and not end up over-regulating the industry, as this could prove to be damaging to the yet-to-be-opened casino field.

 Author: Harrison Young

Harrison Young is an experienced writer, who started his career almost 8 years ago. Prior to joining our team at CasinoGamesPro, he worked as an editor for a small magazine.