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Steve Pappas Makes the Final Table at Star Sydney Championships 2017 Main Event

The long-anticipated Main Event of the 2017 Sydney Championships took off this Friday and commenced with 496 poker players on board. By the end of Day 2 of the most important event of the tournament, there were only 14 players survived at the tables, the loved by many Steve Pappas being one of them.

As many as 123 pros managed to reach Day 2 of the Main Event of the Championship and only 54 of them cashed. The important milestone at any poker tournament also happened right before the dinner break. The money bubble burst and the fortunate enough players benefited from it. Charles “Chuck” Caris was just making quads against another very skillful poker player Grant Levy. The two of them provided for the entertaining duel between them.

Lady Luck was smiling to Grant Levy the whole day and this showed by his performance on the table. He had the chance to prove his poker skills are still intact and his presence at the Main Event table is something the rest of the poker players should definitely take into account and respect. Even though he is maintaining the equilibrium between his poker career on one hand and his family and work responsibilities on the other, he is still dominating the tournament tables.

Other of the remaining poker pros which should be reckoned at the Main Event final meters are Adrian Attenborough and Rory Young. The two poker players could be considered professionals since their skills are what makes them stand out in the crowd. Since Young is rapidly approaching the Star Poker Live Reporting Team, it is safe to say that he and Adrian Attenborough have reserved their seats at the final table.

The 14 poker players left in the competition for the big prize in the Main Event will face the tough competition first-hand. Suzy Khouies is one of the names which poker connoisseurs are used to seeing at the top positions at the Ladies Events and she is a frequent winner there. At the 2017 Sydney Championship Main Event, she has the real chance to win the big prize among male players as well.

Steve Pappas is one of the most prominent names in the Australian poker field. He is known as a role model for many young males, a proficient in his work real estate agent. He is also known as one of the best and warmest personalities on the poker table of any tournament and this could be confirmed by anyone who knows him. Pappas is from Sydney, Australia and this gives him the advantage of the local poker player. His total live earnings amount to $312,698 which could be reasoned to his regular attendance to the Star Poker Room.

 Author: Benjamin Barry

Benjamin Barry‘s career is worth observing, since he is not only a competent writer, but he has also practical experience at poker tables.